Earth gazing: best view of Earth ever

Article: Earth gazing: best view of Earth ever

I love this photo posted at NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the Day of astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson gazing out the window from the International Space Station. I agree with Madeleine Robins that this picture is “the perfect cover for the perfect unwritten/unread SF novel I wanted to read when I was thirteen.” Also, is it…

Happy birthday, Carl Sagan!

Article: Happy birthday, Carl Sagan!

YouTube user “MelodySheep” gained attention recently for their brilliant auto-tune remixing entitled “A Glorious Dawn” of pioneering astronomer Carl Sagan lecturing, with an appearance by Stephen Hawking, on the magnificance of the universe in a manner that is both soothing and educational. There’s a new remix “We Are All Connected” that features yet more auto-tuned…