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Sundance in the news: everyone's talking 'bout Quirky

Article: Sundance in the news: everyone's talking 'bout Quirky

The first episode of Quirky hasn’t even aired yet (that all changes tonight at 9P), and already the Tweeters and bloggers of the Inter-webs have united, and for once it seems like everyone online has only good things to say – about Quirky, at least. Though really, I’m not surprised. I’ve already seen the first two episodes (yeah, I gotta hook-up) and not only is it about one of my dearest loves – design – but it’s one of those shows that you aren’t going to mess around on during the commercial break lest you miss any of the excitement Ben Kaufman and his team of pros is cooking up at the Quirky lab. Seriously, in the first five minutes we see someone send in an idea they had for a product they probably thought up while they were just hanging out on their couch at home and Bam! It gets selected by the Quirky kids and at the end of the episode it’s a real, live and extremely good-looking product you can actually go into a store and buy. And yeah, I’m willing to risk sound like a dork here, but that’s pretty cool, right? The Associated Press thought so, too. Check it:

The difficulties of photographing Japan

Article: The difficulties of photographing Japan

It’s been more than one month since the 9.0 earthquake hit Japan, and the nuclear implications only seem to grow more harrowing by the day. Photographs documenting the disaster abound, and among the most striking are those by AP photographer David Guttenfelder, who lives in Japan with his family. He was away on an assignment when the earthquake hit but rushed back on the next flight he could get, not only to be with his family but to photograph the wreckage awaiting him at home.