Where the starving artists slept

Article: Where the starving artists slept

New York Magazine has a photo gallery of various artists who called New York City their home, even if that home was at times decidedly humble and threadbare as seen in many of these photos. Above is a photo from 1983 of “[Keith] Haring with his boyfriend, Juan Dubose, in the railroad apartment they shared…

Famous authors and artists with their typewriters

Article: Famous authors and artists with their typewriters

Sylvia Plath This is a great photo compilation (many from LIFE) of famous authors and poets along with the occasional director, actor, and musician with their respective typewriter from a bygone analog era. To date myself a bit, my first ever “term paper” was an assignment in 3rd grade and I typed it all out…

Genesis finally makes sense

Article: Genesis finally makes sense

Writer/performer/artist Merrill Markoe visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky last year and absorbed all the “proof” there that the world was created just 6,000 years ago and that dinosaurs walked among humans. As if through divine intervention, it suddenly, recently dawned on Markoe how to help the museum make their case. So she created this…

The Artist's Museum

Article: The Artist's Museum

Museums seem to always be on the lookout for new ways to group and exhibit the artwork already available to them in their permanent collection. Earlier this month, MoMA opened “Abstract Expressionists New York,” with pieces “drawn entirely from the Museum’s vast holdings” – not that there’s anything wrong with that; They bought those pieces for a reason and might as well show them off. MoCA will follow suit later this week with “The Artist’s Museum.” The title of the exhibition is a bit misleading; There’s no separate museum, it’s only meant to connote that the exhibition won’t be focusing on a particular movement but on a particular group of artists, Los Angeles-based artists, of course, from 1980-2010. They leave it to you to find a common thread.

Sculpture artists compete to create recycled masterpieces

Article: Sculpture artists compete to create recycled masterpieces

2009 Scrapfest Redux from SUCH Video on Vimeo.

Summer festival season is upon us, and towns and cities large and small are celebrating their history and culture (as well as trying to attract tourist dollars). In 2009, Lansing, Michigan’s Old Town district added a new event to its Summer solstice celebrations Festival of the Moon & Festival of the Sun: Scrapfest. For the two weeks leading up to the midsummer events, twelve teams of artists root through materials at local scrap processing and recycling company Friedland Industries, and create a sculpture from their finds.

Passport photos of the famous

Article: Passport photos of the famous

A collection of passport photos from the early half of the twentieth century of notable writers and artists, including Langston Hughes, Jack Benny, Walt Disney, and Edward Estlin Cummings better known as E.E. Cummings. I concur with the collector’s insightful comment: The quality is pretty gritty, but I find them interesting, not the least because…

Artists homage to Michael Jackson

Article: Artists homage to Michael Jackson

Web Designer Depot is compiling a collection of Michael Jackson tributes created by various artists and designers from around the Web. Your mileage may vary with some of the results, but what is clear is that the King of Pop’s impact reverberated far beyond simply the world of music.