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Just what do you think you're doing, Alex?

Article: Just what do you think you're doing, Alex?

Remember HAL 9000?  The deadly T-2000?  Sensitive David?  The Nexus 6 replicants?  Cylons?  Reaching even further back, there’s Gort, Maria…even Robby!  It wasn’t too long ago that computers and robots which paralleled or exceeded human ability were reserved exclusively for sci-fi and fantasy films.  It’s a familiar story: man makes machine.  Man is served by…

Siftables: artificially intelligent toys

Article: Siftables: artificially intelligent toys

In this excellent short TED talk, an MIT grad student named David Merrill demonstrates the capabilities of Siftables, biscuit-size toy blocks that interact with each other using complex sensors. Siftables can be used to solve math problems, generate electronic music, create art, and tell stories: The technology used in Siftables is interesting on its own…