I went to MoMA and…

Article: I went to MoMA and…

Quoting Duchamp who once said “It is the spectators who make the pictures,” MoMA decided to engage the 3 million people who walk through their museum with a project called “I went to MoMA and…” where visitors could fill out a note card finishing that sentence and share their experience with the museum and public.…

Hipster animals

Article: Hipster animals

Artist Dyna Moe illustrates different stereotypical subsets of the “hipster” demographic as anthropomorphic animals over at Hipster Animals. They’re all so cute and spot-on that I couldn’t figure out which of Moe’s animals to feature here, but I think “Trust Fund Asshole” fox is my favorite.  He’d be quite the party animal. [Via]

Sharing a beautiful sunset

Article: Sharing a beautiful sunset

Untitled from on Vimeo. Dutch artist Jasper Elings created “Sharing a Beautiful Sunset,” a one minute crowd-sourced video of a sunset compiled from hundreds of photos collected from Google image searches of sunsets from around the world. Viewing a sunset is probably one of the most universal experiences humans can have. [Via]

Vimeo of the Week: Drawingmachine by Eske Rex

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Drawingmachine by Eske Rex

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex from Core77 on Vimeo.

There’s something very simple and relaxing about the above Core 77 film. Shown last week at the Milan furniture show, Salone Milan 2011, the Drawingmachine by Danish designer Eske Rex. Utilizing two pendulums, the machine creates large-scale graphic drawings. Not only are the results stunning, but so is the machine itself and its sounds and movements. I want a drawing. More info from Danish Crafts here:

A Q&A with Meera Sethi

Article: A Q&A with Meera Sethi

I stumbled upon the work of artist Meera Sethi at Bombay Electric in Mumbai. I love her use of colors and her modern take on Indian garments. The Toronto-based Sethi answered some questions for me while she traveled India and as I returned from my third trip to that nation.

Your Firangi Rang Birangi series of paintings really caught my eye. Can you describe them to me?

The Firangi Rang Barangi — Hindi for “colorful foreigner” — works are a series of acrylic, pencil, and ink paintings on paper that foreground themes of femininity and hybridity through dress. In them I combine Eastern and Western textiles, garments, and jewelry in order to reimagine identity across borders.

These paintings make use of bold colors and patterns, layering cultural history with personal style. While the surface of these works draws us in, the bodies that they adorn are barely revealed — an inversion that suggests the role of sartorial expression in creating a sense of self, particularly one rooted in a diasporic, transnational experience.

Use large markers to color this mural

Article: Use large markers to color this mural

At Cincinnati’s YES gallery’s “Color Me _______ Exhibition” Andy J Miller and Andrew Neyer created this 24 foot long mural installation and invited the public to come and color it in using giant felt-tip markers. You can sign me up for anything that involves giant markers. [Via]

This is art: 1000 candles

Article: This is art: 1000 candles

1000 Candles from William Mackrell on Vimeo. 1000 Candles is an installation of a thousand candles captured on video as they slowly flame out. This “enlightened” video is by British artist William Mackrell. For me the flickering and dancing flames gives the work an organic quality.

Yarn-bombed Rocky Balboa supports the arts

Article: Yarn-bombed Rocky Balboa supports the arts

The same artist who yarn-bombed seats on the Philadelphia SETPA trains is back (previously) and this time Ishknits stitched a sweater for the Rocky Balboa statue standing triumphantly in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The video game that lets you destroy Jeff Koons

Article: The video game that lets you destroy Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! The Video Game from Hunter Jonakin on Vimeo. Hunter Jonakin programmed and designed this brilliant, cheeky, subversive FPS (first person shooter) video game that allows the player to roam a museum filled with pop artist Jeff Koons’ installations and art pieces…and destroy them with a BFG while dodging guards. The playable…

Vimeo of the Week: Nova the film

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Nova the film

NOVA the film from ROJO on Vimeo.

The 75 minute documentary “Nova the film,” is a movie on new art and the artists, many new, young, and excited, who make these works. It was directed by Isaac Niemand and produced by ROJO® in collaboration with BossaNovaFilms.

Black & WTF?

Article: Black & WTF?

Every so often a blog surfaces from the mire that is the blogosphere, a blog brilliant in its clarity of voice and its efficacy at conveying the one simple pleasure it was created to purvey. I’m talking about the seemingly effortless genius that is Black and WTF? Created in 2009, Black and WTF? is chock-full of weird and wonderful gems from the eras of black and white photography. The single commonality all these images share is that taken out of context (assuming they had one to begin with) they make absolutely no sense.

Teddy bear rugs

Article: Teddy bear rugs

Agustina Woodgate takes the popular comfort toy of children and vessels of childhood nostalgia-the stuffed teddy bear-and skins them to make these hand sewn rugs! She rationalizes her crime: The process starts with the departure of the loving life objects have when they are in the hands of their owners.The rugs not only reference the…

Victorian erotica embroidery, vulva jackets & vajewelry

Article: Victorian erotica embroidery, vulva jackets & vajewelry

Etsy is the best-y. If not for finding stellar handmade goods and art, then at least for a reliable good laugh. In fact, we probably spend more time on Regretsy, the fail blog of Etsy that highlights all the handmade horrors and craft disasters that people with no shame or taste are trying to pawn…

Photographing art audiences

Article: Photographing art audiences

Jessie Wender touches on one of the truisms about art: sometimes the audience can be just as, if not more interesting. For The New Yorker, she highlights a selection of photographs, including one of my favorites picture above (Elliott Erwitt, “57th Street Gallery, New York City, USA,” 1963) that reflects the lens back at the…

Stefan Sagmeister: art and commerce collide

Article: Stefan Sagmeister: art and commerce collide

“Banana Wall” (2008) Click through for the ‘after’ image
Only Stefan Sagmeister could create an exhibition comprised solely of his commercial work and still call it art. “Another Exhibition About Promotion and Sales Material” opened recently at Lausanne’s Museum of Design and Contemporary Appled Arts (MUDAC), showcasing only the designer’s work commissioned by clients (as opposed to personal projects). The exhibition is divided into four parts and includes posters, album covers and advertisements divided into the following categories:

1. The Promotion of Culture

2. The Promotion of Companies

3. The Promotion of Friends

4. Self-Promotion/Promotion of Sagmeister, Inc.

Picasso's recommended artists for the 1st Armory Show

Article: Picasso's recommended artists for the 1st Armory Show

Above is a scribbled handwritten list by Picasso of artists he recommended should be in the bellwether Armory Show which opened in New York City on February 17, 1913. Fantastic art find, Internet!

I Love You But…

Article: I Love You But…

Girlfriend & boyfriend Alex Holder and Ross Neil are both artists and creatives in advertising. Last year, they launched their online picture book about relationships, It focuses on “the moment in a relationship when you realise you don’t love someone completely, because there is one little thing that keeps bothering you. When it bothers you so much it actually makes you cringe, you know it’s time to say ‘I love you but…’” There are 59 portraits (drawn by Neil) of people who are the targets of various “I love you but” lines, like “I love you but you can’t say I love you back” or “I love you but you put ketchup on everything.” On her calling card site, Holder says has been read all over the world and is inexplicably big in Brazil. We wanted to know more, so we asked:

San Francisco bail bondsman makes art from trash

Article: San Francisco bail bondsman makes art from trash

You may not think of a bail bonds office as a place associated with either environmental consciousness or artistic talent, but Barrish Bail Bonds on San Francisco’s Bryant Street breaks that mold. The 50-year-old business serves as a day job for artist Jerry Ross Barrish; his passion, according to KGO-TV, is making sculpture from plastic trash he finds washed up on the beach.

Sculptor Ron van der Ende's big Armory splash

Article: Sculptor Ron van der Ende's big Armory splash

As the excitement of this year’s Armory Show fades, a few stand-out artists have managed to keep a buzz going. Ron van der Ende is one such artist, easily making a name for himself with his eye-catching wall-mounted sculptures. The Netherlands-based artist is represented in the US by the Seattle gallery Ambach & Rice, which showed a series of his signature bas-relief sculptures made form salvaged wood. What is perhaps most remarkable about these pieces that van der Ende doesn’t paint over or alter the color of the wood in any way; He uses it in its original state, chopping of hunks and rearranging them into photo-realistic mosaics.

Movie Barcode

Article: Movie Barcode

Movie Barcode is a blog that compresses frames of a film into a single image. It’s interesting to see these films single barcode-esque image juxtaposed next to one another because you can view the dominant visual color themes in each film. Above is THE KING’S SPEECH. [Via]

2011 Armory Show epic roundup

Article: 2011 Armory Show epic roundup

Like last year, I’ve compiled an epic photo roundup of the art that caught my eye at this year’s Armory Show, a leading contemporary art show. This year I was also lucky enough to be included (Thanks Paul!) in the Armory Show’s opening benefit party held at the Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday night. The party included a fashionable and festive crowd that enjoyed the live performance of Kate Nash and her big bow headpiece, the DJing of Justin Miller and Will Robbins, and of course the ever-popular open bar.

Bandwidth warning: Lost of photos and more after the jump, including one awesome surprise guest appearance (at least for this fanboy)…

Original Snoopy illustration

Article: Original Snoopy illustration

Above is the original Snoopy artwork done by Charles Schulz for A Peanuts Treasury from the 1960s and featuring the antics of Charlie Brown and the gang. Incidentally, Banksy aka Charlie Brown was recently spotted smoking and pouring gasoline in Los Angeles. [Via]

"Comics Stripped" at The Museum of Sex

Article: "Comics Stripped" at The Museum of Sex

The problem with live-action porn (okay, one of the many problems) is that it’s difficult (okay, it’s difficult for some) to forget that the actors on screen are somebody’s son or daughter, and could potentially be suffering from any number of issues (drug abuse, poverty, mental problems, bad taste) that got them in the biz…

Weegee disguised as an ice cream man

Article: Weegee disguised as an ice cream man

I love this photo of Weegee. It was a revelation when I first came across Weegee (Arthur Fellig) when there was an exhibition of his photography at Brown University’s David Winton Bell Gallery. Although I couldn’t articulate why at the time, I distinctly recall the feeling of: Finally! Art and photography that for some reason…

Titian's Venus gets graffiti-clothed

Article: Titian's Venus gets graffiti-clothed

This Minneapolis billboard promoting a traveling exhibition of Titian paintings from the National Gallery of Scotland which opened this month at the Minneapolis Institute of Art demonstrates that graffiti bombers and museum officials both have a sense of humor. The museum staff found it amusing and wanted it left up, but unfortunately the billboard company…