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THE GREEN Meeting #4 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #4 Recap

A very green avatar spotted at our recent events! The GREEN meeting this week was very lively, and people asked many questions about Green clothing. Feeling good about what you are wearing can be quite important, so perhaps in this case “looking good” is all about “feeling good”. Simran Sethi happily fielded questions from the…

The Green Online Webisode #4 with Simran Sethi

Article: The Green Online Webisode #4 with Simran Sethi

Watch Simran’s Webisode Host of THE GREEN Online, Simran Sethi challenges us to think creatively about the environment. Simran asks, “Is nature your muse?” but she is really getting at the larger question of what role aesthetics, or art, plays in environmentalism. After all aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that originally grew out of…