10 futuristic green corporate buildings

Article: 10 futuristic green corporate buildings

Some of these buildings exist only on paper (or rather a computer hard drive), but this is a list of 10 large office buildings “that are not only bold, beautiful and futuristic, but ‘green’ too.” I’m especially impressed by the “Cactus Building,” a new government building in Doha, Qatar. As the name suggests, it “draws…

Jacques Tati turns 102

Article: Jacques Tati turns 102

Paris is turning into Tativille for the 102nd birthday of director Jacques Tati. There will be the requisite film screenings at the Paris Cinematheque, including a new print of M. HULOT’S HOLIDAY, the six-part documentary THE 6 LESSONS OF PROFESSOR GOUDET, and interviews about Tati with contemporary filmmakers including Michel Gondry, Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Otar…

Transforming Building

Article: Transforming Building

In 2007 British artist Richard Wilson turned “a building in Liverpool’s city center literally inside out” as a portion of the building’s facade rotated around. Via: