Designing Architect Barbie's Dream House

Article: Designing Architect Barbie's Dream House

The very modest first edition Dream House
The American Institute of Architecture (AIA) was actually pretty excited when the annual Barbie “I Can Be” contest (finally, and after much debate) selected architect as Barbie’s career for 2011. In fact, AIA is so excited about it they’ve already featured her in two events. The first was a talk led by a female architect for 7-9-year-old girls (Barbie’s main demographic) in order to introduce them to the idea of pursuing a career in architecture when they’re older (the girls were each given their very own Architect Barbie as a reminder). The second event is slightly, umm, dreamier – a competition for AIA members to design Barbie’s Dream House. As a former Dream House owner (Mine was a rickety plastic fold-out model for easy storage) I’m looking forward to what actual designers (sorry Mattel) come up with to accommodate Barbie’s fun, playful, entertaining-heavy lifestyle.

Barbie, the architect

Article: Barbie, the architect

Every year Mattel hosts the “I Can Be” contest, in which various jobs befitting Barbie’s perky personality and skill set (I’ll bet she at least knows Quicken) are submitted online. Once the winning profession is chosen, Mattel dutifully releases a new Barbie accessorized with the tools of her trade . Ever since 2002 a group of architects and librarians have been campaigning for Mattel to add architect to Barbie’s long roster of other jobs, which include baby photographer, police officer, nurse, race car driver, astronaut and president of the United States. Architect actually won out in 2002, but Mattel refused to make the doll and a fierce battle has ensued ever since.


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