Sundance ’12 acquisitions round-up #3: V/H/S, ARBITRAGE and more

Article: Sundance ’12 acquisitions round-up #3: V/H/S, ARBITRAGE and more

With the clock winding down on Sundance ’12, the market for distribution titles is starting to look like a domino course. Once the first couple titles fell, they all started to fall. We’ve got a lot of news since our last roundup, so let’s get to it.

The latest domino to drop is V/H/S, the found footage horror anthology from a whole mess of directors including Adam Wingard (YOU’RE NEXT), Joe Swanberg (SILVER BULLETS), and Ti West (THE INNKEEPERS). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Magnolia Pictures picked the film (which is supposedly so intense that it made several audience members pass out) for approximately $1 million. Their plans for V/H/S are said to include a video-on-demand preview and then a theatrical release and then, I imagine, a kitschy release on VHS.

ARBITRAGE hopes to sell high at Sundance '12

Article: ARBITRAGE hopes to sell high at Sundance '12

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “arbitrage” is “the nearly simultaneous purchase and sale of securities or foreign exchange in different markets in order to profit from price discrepancies.” I don’t really understand what that means, so I am providing an alternate definition for the intelligence impaired. ARBITRAGE is “a dramatic thriller set in the world of high finance that is also one of the most buzzed about titles at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.” That’s a lot easier to understand, right? I think so. Let’s give Mr. Merriam and Lord Webster or whoever it is a ring and tell them it’s time to update that book.