Only in New York

Article: Only in New York

Only in New York do people live in apartments covered in tape, covered in yarn, and covered in crazy wallpapers. Eclectic people flock to this city and New York Magazine‘s new issue features some extreme decor proves that. Included are six apartments of various size and extremity. Featured are Agata Oleksiak (now known solely as…

Where the starving artists slept

Article: Where the starving artists slept

New York Magazine has a photo gallery of various artists who called New York City their home, even if that home was at times decidedly humble and threadbare as seen in many of these photos. Above is a photo from 1983 of “[Keith] Haring with his boyfriend, Juan Dubose, in the railroad apartment they shared…

"New York Magazine" peeks into the lives of others/ourselves

Article: "New York Magazine" peeks into the lives of others/ourselves

New York Magazine’s latest feature gives readers the full REAR WINDOW treatment
To celebrate its 43rd birthday, New York Magazine ran a nearly cover-spanning story on the one topic that New Yorkers never seem to tire of: their apartments. From tales of the city’s most notorious starving artists to those living comfortably on the other end of economic spectrum, I heartily salute “The New York Apartment: A Biography” for its breadth of scope, surprising anecdotes and collection of historical photographs.

Attention Seekers

Article: Attention Seekers

I love this New York Magazine slideshow of NYC apartments from over the years. Documenting the scariest, the noisiest, and even the gaudiest, the slideshow shows a broad array of apartments in New York. I love the smallest, a 55 square foot studio! And the noisiest, seen above, nestled against a roller coaster, would be…

Loft cabin

Article: Loft cabin

Blogger Guboogi’s friend Terri recently moved to Brooklyn and found herself that coveted New York City apartment, “a sweet loft with high ceilings and a ton of open space.” In fact, she has so much extra space, she’s decided to bring the backwoods experience into her apartment by building two life size cabins inside the…