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The Barbra Streisand blogosphere goes bananas for THE GUILT TRIP

Article: The Barbra Streisand blogosphere goes bananas for THE GUILT TRIP

Photo credit: The National Enquirer
Did you know there was a Barbra Streisand blogosphere? Of course you did! And it can barely contain itself over Babs’ first non-FOCKERS role as an actress in more than 15 years, playing Seth Rogen’s kvetchy overbearing mom in Paramount’s upcoming THE GUILT TRIP. First of all, perfect casting, no? Secondly, we mean “upcoming” in the loosest sense of the word — apparently, the film has had quite a few tweaks, both in release date and in title. But don’t fret: Although changes like this normally mean a studio is less than thrilled, screenings for this mom-son road trip flick (originally titled MY MOTHER’S CURSE) have actually tested through the roof, and as a result Paramount first moved the film from Mother’s Day to pre-Thanksgiving and finally to Christmas Day. These moves betray the studio’s increased confidence in the film, since Christmas is the time to roll out the biggest and best. And we would expect nothing less from Streisand or Rogen, not to mention director Anne Fletcher (of THE PROPOSAL) and writer Dan Fogelman, who penned the not-at-all-bad CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE.

I love Elvis … Mitchell

Article: I love Elvis … Mitchell

I’m in my hometown of Cave Creek, Arizona prepping a short film, and since my parents have internet service dating back to the dial-up Pleistocene, I’ve been seeking alternative media outlets. (A shock to one’s internet-addicted system, for sure.)

One pure joy, and happily corresponding with my immediate need to don the director’s hat, is listening to Elvis Mitchell’s radio show on movies, popular art and entertainment, “The Treatment” on I’m listening to pod casts of show after show after show, walking the rural desert streets, watching big trucks with horse trailers fly past me … and fast. Elvis’s soft voice in my ear, guiding me through ways in which to think about contemporary movie making, is the perfect companion on the road.