Takashi Murakami: big boobs, big bore

Article: Takashi Murakami: big boobs, big bore

In Takashi Murakami’s exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in London, he stakes his claim as the first person to represent “the Japanese male sexual complex” in life-size form. He’s referring to his sculptures “Miss Ko” (1997), “My Lonesome Cowboy” (1998) as well as a flock of new life-size 3D renderings of those 2D sexual hangups (animation, games, etc.) like “3-Meter Girl” (above), currently on view.

Master animator and storyteller Satoshi Kon dies

Article: Master animator and storyteller Satoshi Kon dies

Yesterday, news of master Japanese animator Satoshi Kon’s death started circulating wildly. It came as a shock because, first, Kon was only two months shy of his 47th birthday and, secondly, because nobody could confirm what was then thought to be a rumor. The news started after two trustworthy members of the anime industry posted on Twitter: the President of Madhouse Studios (MINDGAME), Masao Maruyama, and one of the founding members of Gainax (NEON GENESIS EVANGELION), Takeda Yasuhiro. It’s been confirmed today that Kon passed away due to pancreatic cancer.

Chainsaws make art

Article: Chainsaws make art

This video featuring a scary man wearing a Jason-like hockey mask and jumpsuit is brilliant. Clocking in at just over nine minutes it shows how a chainsaw can create a work of art. Starting with a giant tree and using the chainsaw to sculpt and cut, the man creates a wooden anime sculpture. And as if the…