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A flurry of deals in Sundance's final days

Article: A flurry of deals in Sundance's final days

Until Thursday, Sundance Film Festival watchers from afar could have been forgiven for concluding that the increased emphasis on art, rather than on commerce, in the festival offerings this year may have worked all too well. Many of the films making their debuts were wowing critics, but the money people appeared to be unimpressed, or at least not impressed enough to open their wallets. Or at least opening them too often.

An inconvenient font

Article: An inconvenient font

I absolutely loved this blog post over at Typotheque on Al Gore and fonts. Turns out that when Mr. Gore was working on his follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, titled Our Choice, he and his team decided to us the font Brioni created by the NYC-based designers mgmtdesign. Everything was fine except for one thing:…