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Like everyone, Adam Lambert grows up (stylewise)

Article: Like everyone, Adam Lambert grows up (stylewise)

At some point we’ve all been eager to enter a scene bright eyed and bushy tale, usually putting what is thought of as our best foot forward, personality and fashion wise. You’re wearing you’re heart on your sleeve, and your wallet’s pretty empty. Let’s face it, you’re wearing every last dime because not everyone has a powerhouse PR team and the blessing of a celebrity stylist, or designer—let alone both—to balance the enthusiasm of being the new kid on the block with a desire to be a fashion plate, subjected to public scrutiny. Ciao Clay Aiken.

James McAvoy is a First Class X-Man

Article: James McAvoy is a First Class X-Man

James McAvoy is a favorite of Sundance’s own guiding light Robert Redford, who cast him in the Civil War drama The Conspirator. Redford clearly has great taste in actors (and bloggers, too, lol).

At a TimesTalk the other evening in Times Square, McAvoy charmed the audience with his thick Scottish accent and self-effacing personality, proving why he’s become one of today’s go-to actors most worth going to.

Asked if he watches American Idol, McAvoy said, “It’s like cocaine to me. I don’t know how to kick the habit.”

Pause. “Actually, I don’t know who the people are! I’m sure they’re very good.”

The audience already wanted to eat the guy up. And they loved him even more when he gave a spiel about how important American culture is, then laughed and said, “That sounded so fake!”

But his takes on his diverse filmography were very real. Here are the highlights:

Theatre reviewers on the Verge

Article: Theatre reviewers on the Verge

It angers me a great deal to hear the rumors the that play “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” is awful and will close sooner than its January 23rd final date. It makes me so, so, so mad! I have a confession. I am a gay man who really does not like musicals. They’re typically schlocky and overblown and full of false emotion. There is nothing real about them. They’re cartoons for grown-ups. Cheesy cartoons.

So of course I had low expectations to see this play, based on the frenetically energized 1988 film by Pedro Almodovar. I love that film and all it captures: the beauty, drama, color, and sorrow of Spanish women’s lives and dramas. But guess what? The play was wonderful! Marvelous! Magnifico!

Eurovision: There's a Reason it's Called Euro-trash

Article: Eurovision: There's a Reason it's Called Euro-trash

A streaker (center, wearing a red cap and a t-shirt reading “Jimmy Jump”) appears on stage as Spain’s Daniel Diges performs. (Photo credit: DANIEL SANNUM LAUTEN/AFP/Getty Images) So last Saturday I put on my sparkliest pair of pink hot pants, paid a cab with a three dollar bill and sat under a tree full of…

Taiwanese Susan Boyle

Article: Taiwanese Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle’s amazing voice took the Internet and TV viewers by storm in 2009 proving once again the adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover. In the same vein, Lin Yu Chun, an unassuming contestant on a Taiwanese version of American Idol called Super Star Avenue might be the unlikely Boyle of…

Out verses Adam Lambert

Article: Out verses Adam Lambert

I love the drama involving Out magazine and Adam Lambert and our very own Michael Musto is smack dab in the middle of it. Story goes like this. Out publishes an Out 100 list every year honoring both gays and straights who accomplished something great the previous year. Being one of the first out gay performers…

Festival Updates: AFGHAN STAR

Article: Festival Updates: AFGHAN STAR

Faith Salie interviews AFGHAN STAR director Havana Marking and host of ‘Pop Idol’ in Afghanistan Daoud Seddiqi. INTERVIEW is presented by Honda, the Power of Dreams.