Top 10 sex scenes too hot for American cinema

Article: Top 10 sex scenes too hot for American cinema

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American exceptionalism? Phooey! Countries across the pond have better food, more civilized healthcare and way sexier films (what a buzzkill a Puritanical national origin can be). And we here at Sundance Channel aren’t afraid to embrace our frisky foreign friends: Check out our lineup anytime, and chances are you’ll find a cool film with subtitles, bisexuality and equal opportunity nudity. Inspired by some of our recent indie imports, we’ve compiled a top 10 list of the sexiest foreign films. They’re not all necessarily erotic, with lots of skin. Nor are they all uplifting, life-affirming tales of carnal romance with happy endings. After all, we’re talking about European endeavors here. But they do focus on issues of sexuality and sensuality in artful ways — and that’s sexy.

Top 10 scenes from bare America

Article: Top 10 scenes from bare America

In honor of the birth of our nation, we’re collecting the top 10 classic birthday-suit scenes from American movies with American themes. The fact that only a minority of them are healthy depictions of sex reflects our puritanical country’s fucked-up relationship with the topic. Feel free to light a sparkler and disrobe in patriotic solidarity — maybe you can make American sex a little more positive.

Robert Redford, Sundance and the State of the Union

Article: Robert Redford, Sundance and the State of the Union

America has got some issues and this year’s slate of Sundance films is full of stories about ‘em. Festival founder Robert Redford stopped by to talk with Sundance Channel about those issues, and he’s got some valuable insights into the role independent cinema has to play in sharing stories about them.

Where Americans Are Moving

Article: Where Americans Are Moving

This map over at Forbes is pretty fascinating. In 2008 ten million Americans moved from one county to another. This interactivity of this map allows you to see their migrations. Find your hometown and see where others have fled. Thanks to the good old IRS for the information making the map possible.