Top 5 Christina Hendricks Movies

Article: Top 5 Christina Hendricks Movies

Christina Hendricks’ portrayal of Joan Harris on Mad Men turns heads for sure. But the talented redhead — who just earned her fourth Emmy nomination — is so much more than an hourglass figure and a pen necklace. To wit, her top five movies.

6 Questions With Executive Producer Melissa Bernstein (“Rectify,” “Breaking Bad” and “Halt and Catch Fire”)

Article: 6 Questions With Executive Producer Melissa Bernstein (“Rectify,” “Breaking Bad” and “Halt and Catch Fire”)

Executive producer Melissa Bernstein discusses unconventional storytelling, connections between RECTIFY and Breaking Bad, and her latest project Halt and Catch Fire.

Q: How did you originally get involved with RECTIFY?

A: Mark Johnson, who I produce with, has known Ray McKinnon for years, and checked in with him periodically and got very lucky on timing. He checked in with Ray very shortly after he’d finished writing the pilot for RECTIFY on spec. And Ray agreed to share said pilot with Mark, who shared it with me that same evening. We read it within 24 hours and immediately fell in love with it. It was just so specific and beautifully written, and it was really in a setting that was so fresh and unique. We asked Ray if we could produce it and developed it for a year or so at AMC. And AMC ultimately had a different mandate at the time, so we just kept pushing and pushing and found a home at Sundance, where it belonged!

Q: Has this ten-episode season been more or less challenging than doing six episodes last year?

THE KILLING marathon on Sundance Channel

Article: THE KILLING marathon on Sundance Channel

Sundance Channel will air a marathon of the hit series THE KILLING leading into the June 19 season one finale on sister network AMC. Our marathon of THE KILLING will air the first six episodes starting Saturday, June 18 from 4-10PM E/P, and the subsequent six episodes on Sunday, June 19 from 4-10PM E/P. Then catch the season one finale on Sunday, June 19 at 10PM E/P on AMC.

AMC Covers the Sundance Film Festival

Article: AMC Covers the Sundance Film Festival

As you prowl around looking for Sundance Film Festival news, in between dashes from screening to screening in Park City or from blog to blog on your couch, permit us to point you to some of the nifty festival coverage on our sibling site AMC. AMC News will be blogging from the festival and will…

Sunday nights with Don Draper

Article: Sunday nights with Don Draper

A scene from the first of episode of season 3
After waiting ten months to see their witheringly cynical faces again, MAD MEN is back in all its wife cheating, sharp suit wearing, cocktail sipping glory. To amp up for the premier of season three, AMC sponsored a variety of Mad Men themed happenings around NYC last week, like free fedoras at Friday night’s Met’s game, old timey cocktails at the Hilton (which any good bar should be able to make, Mad Men fever or not) and the costume contest prior to the Times Square screening last night. Going to Times Square, especially in costume, has never been my idea of a fun night out, so instead of sweating side by side with strangers on another sweltering summer night, I was perfectly content to watch the first episode of season three on my couch.