Onomatopoeic Alphabet

Article: Onomatopoeic Alphabet

Similar to the previously mentioned trend of creatives designing imaginative typefaces, artist Tom Gauld illustrated this whimsical onomatopoeic alphabet. I highly recommend reading his version of the alphabet out loud in public. Go! You can see more of the artist’s works here. [Thanks Mariya!]

Neill's A to Z of awesomeness

Article: Neill's A to Z of awesomeness

Cartoonist Neill Cameron has been illustrating the alphabet “awesomely” from A to Z that is a hilarious mix of familiar pop culture icons and informative alliteration. He’s currently at Q. Here are a couple more examples that made me chuckle.

A short dose of David Lynch

Article: A short dose of David Lynch

IN SHORT: DAVID LYNCH screens Thursday at 10PM on Sundance Channel.

David Lynch’s short films offer us a quick injection of what we might expect from his work… a little bit of mutable reality, a flexible trip through time and space, a taste of wry dead-pan comedy, and of course some grotesque body parts and fluids to both entrance us and make us squirm.

His earliest short, SIX FIGURES GETTING SICK (SIX TIMES), was made in 1965 while studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and came out of Lynch’s desire to see his paintings move. What struck me about this short film and several of the others was David Lynch’s early interest in bodily processes (and bodily liquids) and how he projects that on the landscapes of his film in a variety of ways. For example…


Article: Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Oddly compelling video created by artist Roel Wouters of his young son Gradus and his brother Job writing the alphabet. [Via]