Allan King

Allan King: cinema's best kept secret

Article: Allan King: cinema's best kept secret

Billy, Antoinette, their son Bogart and their dog, Merton in A MARRIED COUPLE
It’s no exaggeration to say that Canadian director Allan King made some of the most searing, most intimate, most stunning and remarkable documentary films of all time, but chances are you’ve never heard of him. And before the Eclipse Series from Criterion, “The Actuality Dramas of Allan King,” was released two weeks ago, neither had I. King pioneered a cinéma vérité style he preferred to call ‘actuality dramas,’ spontaneous portraits of the everyday. The Eclipse Series contains five of his best known and most critically acclaimed works, WARRENDALE (1967), A MARRIED COUPLE (1969), COME ON CHILDREN (1972), DYING AT GRACE (2003) and MEMORY FOR MAX, CLAIRE, IDA AND COMPANY (2005).