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My hopes for HBO's "Girls"

Article: My hopes for HBO's "Girls"

HBO’s teaser trailer for Lena Dunham’s upcoming series Girls proves that everybody on television is having sex.

If that sounds too broad for you, let me put it another way—every girl on television and living in New York City is having sex. It might not be attractive or pretty or without use of the word ‘lube,’ but it’s something that is happening. In fact, it’s probably better television fare if it’s kind of gross. Gritty and unattractive are the new ‘honest’—like Kristen Wiig’s sex scene in BRIDESMAIDS or all the dark jokes in 2 Broke Girls. Sex has returned to its rightful place in the bottom of the gutter, and most female-centric comedies this season aren’t afraid to lay in it. It’s clear that the Sex and The City look-at-all-of-my-pretty-shoes-Lady is dead, only to be replaced by a vintage dress-wearing version who can’t stop rolling her eyes. She’s your new girl of the moment, and she’s certainly prevalent in Girls. She’s poor. She’s in charge of her sexual prowess but barely in charge of everything else, including her flailing limbs. No, I’m kidding, she’s not really in charge of anything because he’s not calling her back.

Top 10 Gay stereotypes that just need to stop

Article: Top 10 Gay stereotypes that just need to stop

We see them television, we see them in movies, we see them in small-minded people who saw Will and Grace twice and have a sudden understanding of the gay community as a whole. Here are stereotypes we’re sick of seeing.

A very Gaga Christmas

Article: A very Gaga Christmas

If you celebrated Thanksgiving like any American family—with the arguments and the sweet potatoes — you may have caught A Very Gaga Thanksgiving. I watched it and it was weirdly macabre and oddly lit. I loved it because I hated it; I hated it because I loved it. The Katie Couric interview! The 12 costume changes! The salami waffles and the interpretive dancing! The only bad thing about it is she’s not doing one for Christmas. But, I’m like Santa Claus and I give gifts, so I’m planning a Christmas special for her.

Curtain — Lady Gaga comes out of a long hallway wearing a tree, or IS a tree. A tree covered in dildos. She breaks out in “Bad Romance” as everybody in the world freaks out. She still does that song! We love that she still does that song! She’s standing inside a gingerbread house that is made up men wearing gold body paint and gold spandex booty shorts. Instead of singing the highest WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE right where she catches fire in the vid, she sings WANTS A WHITE CHRISTMAS! And we all nod because yes, because who doesn’t want a white Christmas.

On Bullies, Bullying and Brett Ratner

Article: On Bullies, Bullying and Brett Ratner

This season’s girls and boys are no strangers to bullying. Spoiler Alert! Many LGBTQ youth are ridiculed for being perceived as different and, sadly, it doesn’t always to stop when they get older. It does get better, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Just listen to Shane’s gut-wrenching account of his recent confrontation with a homeless man, and then watch Jared recount another big bully…the Ku Klux Klan.

Gay Marriage, Gay Weddings and Gay Spinsters

Article: Gay Marriage, Gay Weddings and Gay Spinsters

Well, our GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS sure have their opinions on the whole marriage thing. We all want to find love. And for most of us, that means a partner we can rely on to stand by us, challenge us, and (maybe) cuddle with us. If we didn’t care about that stuff so much, romantic comedies would just be Jennifer Aniston clipping coupons in her bedroom for two hours. We want the happy ending–to settle down on the porch with a bottle of wine and a life of love to gaze back on.