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New robot artist, the "Senseless Drawing Bot"

Article: New robot artist, the "Senseless Drawing Bot"

SENSELESS DRAWING BOT from yang02 on Vimeo.

Although they’re primitive and rudimentary in design (not that I could ever make such a thing) built with household object à la Make, Japanese artists So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi are the creators behind what they call the “Senseless Drawing Bot.” Reflecting the artists’ interests in typography, from the formal (calligraphy) to the recent (graffiti), they built and programmed a robot that merges these forms.

Alexander McQueen's retrospective at the Met

Article: Alexander McQueen's retrospective at the Met

On May 2nd the annual Met Ball will usher in “Savage Beauty,” the much-anticipated Alexander McQueen retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. The show includes nearly two hundred pieces from his 19-year-long career. In preparation for the exhibition, Tim Blanks sat down with McQueen’s successor, Sarah Burton, who sheds her insight and insider knowledge on her long history with the dearly missed creative genius. McQueen was known as much for his innovative approach to the design and craftsmanship of his collections as he was for the spectacle of his runway shows. “He really loved the shows,” Burton says. “He used to say, ‘This is the last big one we’re doing,’ but he couldn’t help himself. [He] just didn’t like doing normal catwalk shows and so much was expected of him.”

Somebody Feed James Cameron's Wife. Seriously.

Article: Somebody Feed James Cameron's Wife. Seriously.

James Cameron with his wife Suzy Amis on the red carpet before the Oscars

Maybe I’m just getting too old and cynical for the Oscars. Heh. When you see Joan Collins out every night, you do start to wonder – what the sam hell is going on? This post will be briefer than the lasts as, well, baby is hungover. Yes, I know. AGAIN. There does seem something so wrong about Oscar week in LA. The abundant narcissism and back slapping is fricking hilarious (“Good Job! That movie you made was awesome! Forget curing cancer – you are the best person alive! Especially because you are so rich and pretty!”).