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The %#*! hits the fan with the Climate Reality Project

Article: The %#*! hits the fan with the Climate Reality Project

Notice any unusual weather patterns lately? Any hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, drought or flood come your way? If you’ve lived on this Earth in the last year or two then the answer is, undoubtedly, yes. But if you’re someone who refuses to believe that these dramatic changes in our weather are a sign that maybe humans haven’t had the best impact on our environment, get ready to wake the %#*! up. This Wednesday, climate change deniers get an extra dose of reality with the Climate Reality Project, a 24-hour, global, livestream event that reveals, once and for all, the very real scope of the climate crisis.

The Climate Reality Project asks you to make time for reality on Wednesday, September 14 at 7PM, in your time zone. “Pick a faraway place or a city near you. Make it yours for one day. We’re hitting every time zone, but only once…Choose a location and get involved.” If your hometown isn’t represented, pick some place you’ve never been to (French Polynesia, Tonga, New Delhi or Seoul) or maybe never even heard of. Personally, I’m choosing Ilulissat. But prepare yourself for some serious talk on climate change, and stand ready to take action. This isn’t a fluffy, pictures of dolphins in net, tear-jerking talk-the-talk but no walk kinda thing. Did you watch the videos m ss ng p eces made? Would they create poop and hurl it at a fan if this wasn’t for real? Just watch the behind-the-scenes: Al Gore is pissed, and really, why aren’t more people? As the man says, if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

10 thoughts on the separation of Al and Tipper Gore

Article: 10 thoughts on the separation of Al and Tipper Gore

Really? The Gores? The couple most likely to make it to old age on a rocker-for-two on the front porch?!
Not the Clintons? We have to admit, it’s a little refreshing to know that even such public marriages can have their secrets and mysteries.
We now feel truly bad about the number of times we made fun of the Gores’ ew-Mom-and-Dad-are-kissing smooch at the 2000 Democratic Convention.

An inconvenient font

Article: An inconvenient font

I absolutely loved this blog post over at Typotheque on Al Gore and fonts. Turns out that when Mr. Gore was working on his follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, titled Our Choice, he and his team decided to us the font Brioni created by the NYC-based designers mgmtdesign. Everything was fine except for one thing:…

Obama Warns Supporters: "Don't Get Cocky"

Article: Obama Warns Supporters: "Don't Get Cocky"

Feeling good, Obama supporters? That was a pretty good debate run Barack had. Conventional wisdom was that he bested John McCain in three straight, with undecided voters declaring him the victor in each one. Obama’s got the ‘Big Mo’ now. The Republican party is a discredited mess, and with the economy being what it is,…

Isabella Rossellini

Article: Isabella Rossellini

1. What’s your favorite political movie? My father’s films: ROME, OPEN CITY and PAISAN 2. What role do you feel art plays in politics? Art reflects the emotion of the people. Art provides a glimpse into how we feel as a population. 3. What do you think is the biggest issue for the next generation…

Al Gore's Alliance For Climate Protection

Article: Al Gore's Alliance For Climate Protection

Al Gore’s commitment to the environment inspires hope. Here’s an individual who could have gone in any direction after being the Vice President and very nearly becoming the President in 2000. Given all that opportunity, Al Gore chose to focus on the environment because he rightly sees that it is not just panda bears and…

Why You Should "Join Al Gore In Bali"

Article: Why You Should "Join Al Gore In Bali"

Al Gore is going to address world leadership at the climate conference in Bali. After just winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Gore can advise this conference with an indisputably important message about climate change []. He is going to bring a petition with him when he visits the conference. The aim of the petition is…

Green For All

Article: Green For All

Van Jones is a journalist and an activist. Normally people would associate his work with civil rights and human rights, but since Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize, we have seen some evidence that these issues are inextricably connected to the green movement. Issues of poverty, lifestyle and carbon footprint all contribute to a… to Host WebCast with Al Gore and Simran Sethi on Climate Change

Article: to Host WebCast with Al Gore and Simran Sethi on Climate Change

Simran Sethi moderates Q&A session with Former Vice President Al Gore in Real Time MSN is honored to host former Vice President Gore who will answer climate crisis questions in real time from the public. Covering questions on how to make your home more green or how to make small, yet effective, changes to your…

President Clinton fights poverty with the Mining Industry?

Article: President Clinton fights poverty with the Mining Industry?

In a surprise move, President Clinton recently announced a strategic partnership with the Mining Industry to fight poverty all around the world. The cause is called “The Clinton-Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative”. So far, the initiative has been bank-rolled by two very big hitters, the Canadian investment mogul Frank Giustra and Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican…

The Green Online Webisode #4 with Simran Sethi

Article: The Green Online Webisode #4 with Simran Sethi

Watch Simran’s Webisode Host of THE GREEN Online, Simran Sethi challenges us to think creatively about the environment. Simran asks, “Is nature your muse?” but she is really getting at the larger question of what role aesthetics, or art, plays in environmentalism. After all aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that originally grew out of…

Spinal Tap Reunite For Live Earth

Article: Spinal Tap Reunite For Live Earth

You may have heard Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, and Derek Smalls are reforming (again) in support of a good cause, Al Gore’s mega SOS/Live Earth concert series. Of course Marty DiBergi (who coined the term “global warming”) was instrumental in getting the band back together, and he’s documented his efforts in a new 15-minute…

Carbon Week: Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

Article: Carbon Week: Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

During the past year or 18 months, the subject of global warming has experienced a meteoric rise to the top of the list of worldwide environmental concerns; from Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth [], to the cover story in Time magazine this week, it’s hard to turn around without hearing something about it.…