Faces of people flying

Article: Faces of people flying

When people fly, they always focus on the vast view out of their small passenger window and often their photographs reflect that. In the limited confines of a commercial airplane filled with dour passengers looking ahead there aren’t many photographic opportunities except for that sunset or cloud formation, which would be brilliant and unique if…

Inside the private planes of dictators. No sharks with freaking laser beams.

Article: Inside the private planes of dictators. No sharks with freaking laser beams.

Showing at this year’s international photography festival in Brighton is Nick Gleis’ collection of photographs of the rarely seen inside of private jets belonging to VIPs. Gleis, who describes his images as “extremely security-sensitive” has photographed the private jets for heads of state of African countries, including Cameroon, and also China. However, due to the…

The fight for armrest supremacy begins!

Article: The fight for armrest supremacy begins!

Christoph Niemann’s latest illustrated piece “Red Eye” in the New York Times pokes fun at the familiar hassles of flight travel (fighting for armrest real estate and bad food), but with an injection of Niemann’s unique sense of humor that is punctuated by his sketches. Speaking of airplanes, have you seen this Salvador Dali inspired…

Bransilav Kropilak, Landings

Article: Bransilav Kropilak, Landings

Bookending the previous entry of Charlie McCarthy’s wondrous time-lapse photographs of the flight paths of insects around a light, Branislav Kropilak’s long-exposure photography series “Landings” captures the linear paths of planes on descent. And the lights look so purrrty.