Today is World AIDS Day

Article: Today is World AIDS Day

Today marks “the beginning of the end of AIDS”:

“Getting to Zero” is the theme of the UNAIDS efforts (the joint United Nations program on AIDS/HIV).
Bono was on The Daily Show last night promoting his activist organization, One, and his fundraising one, Red.
Add a patch to the One and Red campaigns’ 2015 Quilt, pledging to buy at least one Red gift this holiday season, and you’ll get to choose one of The Killers six consecutive Christmas songs benefiting Red for free.

NYC's 4th Annual Naughty Auction benefiting the National AIDS Fund

Article: NYC's 4th Annual Naughty Auction benefiting the National AIDS Fund

If you’re in New York City next Thursday night and want something fun and fabulous to do, go to the 4th annual Naughty Auction benefiting the National AIDS Fund (which leverages resources, develops leadership and advocacy, and fosters community innovation to prevent new HIV infections and care for people living with HIV/AIDS). The party, held…

Harvey Milk Men

Article: Harvey Milk Men

I have no problem self-promoting. Most good bloggers are masters at it. Why else would you blog? So it is with no shame I ask you, SUNfiltered readers, for money. Well, sorta.

The New York City AIDS Walk is next week and I just have to tell you how happy I am to be walking with the Harvey Milk Men. The group was put together by Stephen Rivoli who was inspired by Harvey Milk’s call for gays and lesbians to stand up, take ownership of, and make an impact in, their community. This year, the 25th anniversary of AIDS Walk New York, we currently have 92 members and have raised over $62,000. Not too shabby.

Keith Haring

Article: Keith Haring

With little fanfare or media attention the 20 year anniversary of the death of Keith Haring came and went this week. It is a bit of a shame as Haring’s legacy remains strong. Even though Lady GaGa and Cyndi Lauper have been working the talk show circuit drumming up conversations about AIDS, the disease seems to have dropped off the public radar. Yes, it may be less deadly, but it is no less an issue and a problem. Haring stands as a symbol of AIDS. Gone too soon. A young talent lost. His art was a precursor to the Kid Robot generation.

A story of HIV via Twitter

Article: A story of HIV via Twitter

December 1st was World AIDS Day and it came and went with little attention from the media. You know Tiger Woods is much more important. Anyway. The Huffington Post spotlighted the Twitter feed of Chris MacDonald-Dennis. MacDonald-Dennis is a college dean in Philadelphia. On World AIDS day he fired off 100 tweets, 2,100 words, documenting his life and his HIV infection. It’s pretty moving and keeping in mind Twitter posts are limited to 140 words, the end result, when read chronologically, is like an epic poem. It is full of frank and honest dialogue and also hope. Click below to read the entire day’s posts in order.

Hitler as the face of AIDS

Article: Hitler as the face of AIDS

A new AIDS awareness-commercial, released last week online in Germany, uses a strong and familiar image to give a face to the AIDS virus. Adolf Hitler appears as a woman’s lover in the spot that reads “AIDS is a mass murderer.” It’s a ballsy move, that the organization Rainbow is willing to take.  Jan Schwertner,…

Larger than life: Hockney and 100 Homos

Article: Larger than life: Hockney and 100 Homos

If you’re lucky enough to summer on Long Island this year be sure to visit on Shelter Island. From June 20 to July 6 the gallery is home to a 3rd solo show by the artist Don Florence titled “Them,” a group of paintings dealing with themes of celebrity and worship.