The Super Bowl Ad Superlatives (in the love & sex category)

Article: The Super Bowl Ad Superlatives (in the love & sex category)

BEST OVERALL: Dove Men+Care’s “The Journey to Comfort”
At last, a commercial that celebrates manhood without being sexist, stupid or beer-related! It’s basically a mini-movie crammed into 45-seconds (seriously, try counting the number of scenes they had to shoot) that follows one Everyman’s life from birth to adulthood by highlighting the big moments as well as the mundane ones: puberty, love, marriage, jar-opening, parenthood. The message is “You’re mature and comfortable enough in your own skin that you don’t have to worry about seeming like a pussy if you want to moisturize your skin.” And it avoids all the divisive or offensive gender stereotypes often found in Super Bowl ads. BUT — and it’s a big “but” — the title of “best ad” only applies to the 45-second version that aired during the Super Bowl last night. If you search online for it (and on the Dove site), the version that will probably come up first is the ONE minute version, which sadly DOES include a bunch of tired gender stereotypes, like fighting at parties, never showing your sensitive side and never showing fear — ugh! Like with good film making, good commercial making is all about editing, editing, editing.

45-Second Version (Yay!):

One-Minute Version (Boo!):

See the winners for “Most Romantic,” “Most Sexist” and “Funniest” after the jump:

Pro-choice responses to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad

Article: Pro-choice responses to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad

To kick off your Superbowl weekend, check out these 3 bits that you won’t (but should!) see during the game this Sunday — all are in response to the anti-choice, anti-equality, anti-gay Christian group Focus on the Family’s 2.5-million-dollar spot (that we mentioned the other day) featuring football star Tim Tebow and his mom talking about how she refused to have an abortion after doctors advised her to. Hey, good for Mrs. Tebow, who had the right to make her own decisions about her reproductive health! Guess we can now hold our breath until CBS runs an equally “appropriate” ad about preserving that right to choose:

Two more after the break.

The Superbowl ad you WON'T see this weekend

Article: The Superbowl ad you WON'T see this weekend

We used to look forward to Superbowl Sunday for the ads (that, and the excuse to over-indulge in junk food). But it looks like CBS is determined to ruin the one sports-related joy in our lives. First of all they went and accepted an anti-choice ad from conservative Christian group Focus on the Family — apparently CBS no longer bans advocacy submissions or controversial ads, as they have claimed in the past. Of course, Focus on the Family claims the ad is not controversial at all, and is simply about “the issue of life.” Riiiight. The ad — which has not yet been released — is expected to feature Pam Tebow (mother of college football star Tim) and her decision to carry Tim to term despite a recommendation from doctors that she have an abortion. Sorry: despite a recommendation from doctors regarding the issue of life.

Unfortunately CBS’s policy on “controversial” ads still holds firm if the ad happens to come from a gay men’s dating site.

Finally, a positive side to airport security.

Article: Finally, a positive side to airport security.

We know of at least one good thing to come out of the whole underwear bomber shenanigans: lingerie ads inspired by those “naked” full body scanners. Okay, we’d much rather have a shorter stay at airport security (and retain at least a little bit of our privacy)…but at least we’ve got this clever ad for…

Pine-Sol ad jumps on the housework-improves-sex bandwagon

Article: Pine-Sol ad jumps on the housework-improves-sex bandwagon

Finally! An ad for a cleaning product that doesn’t feature a woman going into an orgasmic paroxysm over a new mop. Only on Madison Avenue does doing the chores turn a woman on. Sure, Pine-Sol may have shamelessly ripped off the Porn for Women books with their new ad, but we don’t care.

SpatSolver, the ultimate argument resolution device

Article: SpatSolver, the ultimate argument resolution device

Infomercial parodies are a fine art that only a few have mastered. But we think YourTango has just joined the ranks of elite spoofers with their “SpatSolver.” We guarantee you’ll be wishing this thing was real in seconds! Yeah, the commercial goes on a little too long, and the free “Apologizer” is pretty unfunny, but…

Bleeding billboards

Article: Bleeding billboards

These eye-catching PSA billboard in New Zealand bleed when it rains to remind drivers to be more careful on the roads during rainy conditions. It’s an innovative campaign for sure, but I can’t help but wonder whether such a provocative ad might cause drivers to not pay attention to the road in front of them…

The Fun Theory

Article: The Fun Theory

Volkswagen is trying to encourage more responsible behavior, such as recycling by incentivizing people with what they call the “Fun Theory” where the idea is that “something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.” I especially like their concept for urging people to take the stairs instead…

Crazy Vegas billboard

Article: Crazy Vegas billboard

Sometimes what happens in Vegas simply can’t stay in Vegas. While driving through Sin City this past weekend, Lo saw the crazy-ass billboard above — so crazy-ass that she had to pull the car over and take a picture. Now, we’re no prudes. Okay, we’re kinda prudes. But we’re happy to talk openly and honestly…

Korean Air ad lays it on thick

Article: Korean Air ad lays it on thick

This ad from Korean Air called “The Color of Perfection” has been around for a while, but it’s making the rounds again on some of the news networks (just accidentally saw it during a commercial break of the awesome “Rachel Maddow Show” after an amateur forwarding maneuver on TiVo). Some have referred to it as…

Bianco Footwear gives your feet that naughty feeling.

Article: Bianco Footwear gives your feet that naughty feeling.

We’ve heard of penile orgasms, clitoral orgasms, g-spot orgasms, p-spot orgasms, and even nipple orgasms…but orgasms for your feet? Maybe that’s what the foot fetishists are all on about… (That, or we’re totally missing the point of this commercial.) Feet Orgasm []

Candie's "sexes up" abstinence campaign

Article: Candie's "sexes up" abstinence campaign

We guess it was only a matter of time before the true-love-waits crew decided to use sex to sell abstinence. After all, if sex can sell anything — even, ew, toilet paper — why shouldn’t it be used to promote the very absence of sex? That’s so po-mo our heads hurt. But here’s what really…

Durex sells sex well

Article: Durex sells sex well

When every product from cars to instant rice tries to use sex to sell itself, it’s refreshing to see a commercial actually using sex appropriately. A new one from Durex (the first in the list of 5 below) reminded us that they’re the leaders in sex accessory promotion, with funny, clever, provocative, often US-banned spots that are sexier and subtler than any cheap Carl’s Jr ads:

1. We love when sex isn’t just limited to hot 20-something models with eating disorders (via Gawker):

Anti-domestic violence ad changes when you look at it

Article: Anti-domestic violence ad changes when you look at it

“It happens when nobody is looking” is the tag line for this award-winning Amnesty International PSA about domestic violence. Installed in a bus stop in Germany, it features an eye-tracking device so that when people look at it, the image morphs from a scene of domestic violence into a scene of domestic bliss. (The image…

Amazing Tokyo time-lapse

Article: Amazing Tokyo time-lapse

In this gorgeous ad for the watch company Citizen, buildings implode and explode, lights dance in complex arrays, and shadows engulf entire parks. The ad was created by the Japanese agency WOW for a watch- and jewelry-industry trade show called Baselworld.

The English language as a first-person shooter game

Article: The English language as a first-person shooter game

Check out this amazing ad for Inlingua, an international language-training company. It’s a spot for the company’s Business English service, and it presents the English language as a literal battlefield. This is some of the best motion typography I’ve ever seen:

The most dangerous species in the Mediterranean

Article: The most dangerous species in the Mediterranean

A PSA from the Government of Catalunya in their effort at keeping the Mediterranean sea clean with this neat ad by Klas Ernflo. Click here to see larger version.

Product-placement pioneers: the hair-metal band Autograph

Article: Product-placement pioneers: the hair-metal band Autograph

Jon Fine of BusinessWeek has a great post about one of the earliest-known examples of product placement in a music video: the pen company Paper Mate’s sponsorship of Autograph’s 1984 video for “Turn Up the Radio”: Yes, this actually happened: In 1984 Paper Mate found an unknown poodle-rock band called Autograph, gave ‘em some bucks,…

100 single ladies

Article: 100 single ladies

Full disclosure: You’re about to watch a “viral” video to promote a free Beyonce concert sponsored by Trident. That said, who doesn’t want to watch 100 girls in London’s Piccadilly Circus mimic Beyonce’s music video for her hit song “Single Ladies,” which has been hilariously parodied. This is a template for how to create a…

Cops versus clowns

Article: Cops versus clowns

A short film by Adam Berg and Stink Digital to promote Philips’ new cinema proportion television with a 21:9 ratio. This, wait for it, 2 minute 19 second (get it?) sequence is “filmed in one continuous tracking shot and offers an exploration into the world of movies being made for the cinema screen through the…

Gay marriage: be afraid, be very afraid

Article: Gay marriage: be afraid, be very afraid

It’s this kind of thing — a new, totally rad T-shirt logo from Wordboner — that scares the bejeezus out of homophobes like the National Organization for Marriage. So frightened are they of an imaginary army of gay soldiers forcing them into a life of sodomy that they put together this gem of fear-tactic propaganda…

Saatchi & Saatchi transforms people into fleas

Article: Saatchi & Saatchi transforms people into fleas

I love this great ad from a Jakarta shopping center. It’s the work of the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Give it a closer look if the clever gimmick isn’t immediately apparent: Via: Environmental Graffiti.

Girls on Vespas.

Article: Girls on Vespas.

Is this art? Is this advertising? Or is it a fetish? And what is this funny feeling I have while viewing them? However you slice it, there’s something appealing about this Flickr collection of glamorous calendar photos of ladies posing with Vespas from the 1950s through the ’70s. Link: Via: