The love of Tan Hong Ming

Article: The love of Tan Hong Ming

Remember when being in love was simple? By internet standards, this video is prehistoric but too good and too cute not to share. Directed by acclaimed Malaysian director/writer/producer Yasmin Ahmad whose work is well-known for its humor, heart and love that crosses cultural barriers, this ad for Malaysian oil company Petronas was filmed for Malaysia’s…

Burger King wants to feed you seven inches of meat.

Article: Burger King wants to feed you seven inches of meat.

What is it about red meat–and women and meat, specifically–that seems to evoke sex? Carl’s Jr. has long been known for to use sex to shill its sandwiches: Audrina Partridge, Padma Lakshmi, and, of course, Paris Hilton have all been know to bring sex appeal to their spots for their company. Now it appears that Burger King wants to get in on the party, too.

Amazing Tokyo time-lapse

Article: Amazing Tokyo time-lapse

In this gorgeous ad for the watch company Citizen, buildings implode and explode, lights dance in complex arrays, and shadows engulf entire parks. The ad was created by the Japanese agency WOW for a watch- and jewelry-industry trade show called Baselworld.