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The Twilight Zone 50th anniversary

Article: The Twilight Zone 50th anniversary

I think, to a lot of people, old episodes of the The Twilight Zone are tucked away with other 50s and 60s kitsch like Leave it to Beaver and Gidget. Maybe it’s the Disneyland ride or its downright awful recent reincarnation “The Zone” that keep people from taking it seriously or seeing it as the veritable…

Enviros Blast Obama's Choice for Office of Surface Mining

Article: Enviros Blast Obama's Choice for Office of Surface Mining

Environmental groups are speaking out against the man President Barack Obama has chosen to run the Office of Surface Mining, which has jurisdiction over mountaintop removal coal mining.

HEADLESS WOMAN: Inside-out horrors

Article: HEADLESS WOMAN: Inside-out horrors

The title of Argentine director Lucrecia Martel’s film HEADLESS WOMAN brings to mind a kind of over the top creepy B movie. Completing its run at the Film Forum this week, it turns out to exist far far… on the other end of the spectrum. The care taken with every frame, the subtle, almost maddeningly opaqueness to its characters, and the simplicity of its plot all add up to something else. But still there is horror and blood lurking in this film’s unconscious, though it never is shown explicitly on screen. It grows in the imagination of the main character and it seeps out of every frame through suggestion and detail… like a horror film turned inside-out.


Article: Scanwiches

This weekend is Gay Pride in NYC and many a gay have been on that water and Tic-Tac diet for sometime in preparation. Not so, apparently, among my circle of friends. My boyfriend, who if he did not work out religiously would easily become a bear, just sent me this link to Time Out New York’s article on NYC’s best looking sandwiches.

Diane von Furstenberg on the High Line

Article: Diane von Furstenberg on the High Line

Diane von Furstenberg with Friends of the High Line co-founders, Joshua David and Robert Hammond is thrilled to present our guest blogger this week – the beautiful and inspirational Diane von Furstenberg! The designer was an early proponent of the High Line and continues to lend her support to the exciting new elevated park (now open – see New York Times) in Manhattan.

Read more of Diane’s thoughts on the High Line!

Dark secrets in public: opening up to Lynch

Article: Dark secrets in public: opening up to Lynch

David Lynch presents INTERVIEW PROJECT on his website on June 1, featuring short interviews with hundreds of people — the result of a 20,000 mile road trip over seventy days across the United States. “The people told their story,” Lynch says in his video introduction, “It’s a chance to meet [them] … it’s human … and you can’t stay away from it.” Read SUNfiltered’s earlier post on this project if you missed it, and click the link below for more video and commentary.