Top 10 actors to go gay for

Article: Top 10 actors to go gay for

In honor of Gay Pride month, we’re bringing you some of the sexiest actors at work that, if anything, will make you look at your respective genders in a new light. Here are the top ten actors from our selection of films in June we’re betting you’ll be willing to walk on the wild side with it.

Hollywood stars in Japanese commercials

Article: Hollywood stars in Japanese commercials

Although famous actors don’t like to broadcast it, for one to protect their public image, they often go overseas to star in silly commercials, especially in Japan. Thanks to YouTube this is no longer a secret. In fact it was a plot device used in LOST IN TRANSLATION where Bill Murray’s character “Bob Harris” finds…

Steve McQueen's motorcycle license

Article: Steve McQueen's motorcycle license

I can’t find too much information on this “international motorcycle license,” an artifact that once belonged to Steve McQueen. I think Steve was a mutant with the ability to always be cool and photogenic. If you have more details on this let me know! Also, check out the living room of his home in California.

Actors re-enact iconic roles

Article: Actors re-enact iconic roles

Empire Magazine celebrated their 20th birthday with a special photo collection of leading actors re-creating some of their more famous and iconic roles. This Mel Gibson one is pretty great. [Via]

Festival Updates: The Awards and After Party

Article: Festival Updates: The Awards and After Party

The filmmakers, actors, and celebrities come out to congratulate and celebrate all films and participants of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Festival Updates Spotlight: Nightlife

Article: Festival Updates Spotlight: Nightlife

Filmmakers, actors, and celebrities speak about the various happenings and emotions that define the collective experience that is the Sundance Film Festival.