Abstract City

"Let it Dough!"

Article: "Let it Dough!"

Christoph Niemann, a SUNfiltered favorite around these parts, is back with “Let It Dough,” a new amusing tale for the holidays in this Abstract City blog in the New York Times.

Unpopular Science

Article: Unpopular Science

Based on supercomplicated physical observations, Einstein concluded that two objects may perceive time differently. Based on simple life experience, I have concluded that this is true. SunFiltered fave Christoph Niemann published his latest gem of insightful illustrations in his New York Times blog Abstract City. Titled Unpopular Science, Niemann depicts how “whether we like it…

How to communicate with Christoph Niemann

Article: How to communicate with Christoph Niemann

If you read the New York Times blog “Abstract City,” then you know him by name. If you’ve ever looked at a cover of The New Yorker you’ve probably seen his work. And if you’ve done neither then perhaps you can at least appreciate when a bathroom is clearly marked “Men” or “Women;” If you do you share a fundamental principle with designer, illustrator and art director Christoph Niemann. Like a good comedian, Neimann’s deceptively simple designs have a way of presenting common knowledge in a new and interesting way. Of course, an intuitive sense of color and composition don’t hurt.