I sometimes wonder, “why am I American?” In the political landscape of today others may feel this same way. But, really, how could I come from the land that has shunned the greatest artists of our time? I’m talking about ABBA. Every other civilized nation of taste (Sweden, England) eat, sleep, breathe the perfect pop prince and princesses. Their lack of respect in the USA makes me want to protest. Scream from the rafters. Pick fights with all you Bruce Springsteen and Kanye West loving Americans. How could you not get it?

Well, there is a place for people like me to escape. Recently opened in London is ABBAWORLD, the first, and only, ABBA theme park in the world.

ABBA gets some respect

Article: ABBA gets some respect

The bands Rolling Stone review and write about are predominantly men, except for the obligatory cover stories on pop starlets showing their tits. Rock radio almost entirely turns its back on female singers. And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame typically inducts only men. Rock and Roll is a sexist world. And gays love…

Music video: Music Go Music

Article: Music video: Music Go Music

Music Go Music’s sound echoes earlier pop acts, most notably ABBA, and in particular their song “Light of Love” seen performed live in this video evokes the style of that era. They’ve exploded the formulas from the inside out, sounding like a hundred others and no one else. ‘Light of Love’ is a true celebration…