Giving an Unsung Decade Its Due: The ’90s in Movies

Article: Giving an Unsung Decade Its Due: The ’90s in Movies

Do the ’90s seem less memorable that the ’80s (so rad) or the ’70s (so groovy) to you? Take a moment and reconsider the decade which features some of the most offbeat characters in movie history. Suddenly, the ’90s seem a bit more memorable, right?

1. The Dude (Jeff Bridges), The Big Lebowski (1998)
It’s hard to imagine a more iconic, more offbeat character from the ’90s—or any era—than Jeff Lebowski, a perpetually bath-robed bastion of chillness in search of justice for his peed-on rug (because, hey, “it really tied the room together”). A fan of weed and White Russians, he made bowling an art form and inspired a subculture of devoted fans who still attend annual Lebowski Fests.

2. Ada McGrath (Holly Hunter), The Piano (1993)
The mute woman at the center of Jane Campion’s extraordinary story is one of the most unconventional heroines in film history: a young mother (Hunter won a Best Actress Oscar) who, despite being shipped off to the wilds of New Zealand for an arranged marriage, manages to fall in love (not with her husband) through a shared passion for music and ultimately receives a most unexpected salvation.

My So-Called Awkward Moments

Article: My So-Called Awkward Moments

Let’s travel back to a time when teen torment and shame didn’t take place on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and My(so-called)space. Ah yes — the apathetic/angsty 90s.

MY SO-CALLED LIFE premieres on Sundance Channel on Monday at 11p, and we’ve collected a few of the painfully awesome scenes that make the show so great.