TITANIC is bigger than ever in 3D!

Article: TITANIC is bigger than ever in 3D!

TITANIC is not just a movie—it’s a phenomenon, an event, and a colossus—but it could have easily swerved in another direction. I vividly remember the period right before James Cameron’s wildly expensive 1997 epic about the legendary luxury liner tragedy came to shore. Amidst all the hype and speculation, a lot of pundits were predicting a whole other type of disaster than the one the film documented: A bomb!

Digital 3D film from 1972

Article: Digital 3D film from 1972

40 Year Old 3D Computer Graphics (Pixar, 1972) from Robby Ingebretsen on Vimeo. The geeks and AV club’s tables at the Internet’s cafeteria went agog over this recently unearthed gem: a 6-minute film from 1972 that might arguably be the first celluloid example of digital 3-D rendered images back when such technology was rudimentary at…

3D porn? Yeah, we'll get back to you on that

Article: 3D porn? Yeah, we'll get back to you on that

Last year Em found herself — don’t ask why — agreeing to see JACKASS 3D on opening night in L.A. (On a date night, no less.) In what was either a moment of pure genius commentary on sex and technology — or else just plain jackassery — the movie featured a 3D dildo bazooka fight, in which a giant 3D wobbly dildo flies across the screen. Needless to say, the audience found it hilarious. And this is exactly what we think of when we hear the phrase “3D porn.”

New Year's hopes and dreams for 2011

Article: New Year's hopes and dreams for 2011

1) Let’s not have any more hoax-umentaries!

You know, those incredible, shocking docs that turn out to be wink-wink p.r. stunts once the whistle’s blown. The one about Joaquin Phoenix, I’m Still Here, was tantalizingly enjoyable, as the former acting heavyweight cavorted with coke, hookers, and generally self-destructive behavior, until we learned that it was all a fake designed to actually build up his career. And there were serious doubts about the veracity of the Facebook saga Catfish, not to mention the complete truthfulness of the street-art epic Exit Through The Gift Shop. (When one of a film’s central talking heads has to have his face and voice blocked, you can’t be sure of anything). In 2011, let’s leave the murky journalism and put-ons to reality shows, OK?

Naked News: What About Prom, Bleckley?

Article: Naked News: What About Prom, Bleckley?