"Lovely photograph" wins National Geographic 2010 photo contest

Article: "Lovely photograph" wins National Geographic 2010 photo contest

Aaron Lim Boon Teck was the grand prize winner of National Geographic’s 2010 photo contest with this spectacular photo. He explains: “Trekkers [who] were able to make it up to the crater rim on time [were] able to camp overnight to witness the eruption [the] whole night long,” Boon Teck, of Singapore, wrote with his…

Memes of 2010 in one minute

Article: Memes of 2010 in one minute

Know Your Meme 2010 Year in Review (Minnit To Winnit Acoustic House Remix) from Rocketboom on Vimeo. Rocketboom put together this video acting out all memes and virals of 2010 in one minute. A can of Four Loko on me to anyone who can name them all.

2010 in The Big Picture

Article: 2010 in The Big Picture

A tremendous sinkhole caused by the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Agatha in Guatemala City was estimated to be 30 meters wide and over 60 meters deep. As the sinkhole formed, it swallowed a clothing factory about three miles from the site of a similar sinkhole three years earlier. The clothing factory had closed only…

Google's Zeitgeist 2010

Article: Google's Zeitgeist 2010

This YouTube video from Google takes a look back at this year and “based on the aggregation of billions of search queries people typed into Google this year…captures the spirit of 2010.” And of course the spirit stick of 2010 will be waved by Antoine Dodson who will beat any bed intruder with said spirit…

Twitter's top 10 most powerful tweets of 2010

Article: Twitter's top 10 most powerful tweets of 2010

Twitter rounded up their list of the top 10 most influential and powerful tweets this year. Although they might not be world leaders, nationally recognized reporters, or celebrities, here is my recommended short list of must-follow people on Twitter due to their excellent linkage or humor (or both!): jennydeluxe (memes, news, and lolz), CardiffGarcia (financial),…

Most Popular Words of 2010

Article: Most Popular Words of 2010

The Global Language Monitor, a service that tracks and analyzes language trends released their list of the most popular words used in 2010. Unsurprisingly one of my favorite memes of 2010 made the cut: Vuvuzela. In case you just woke up from a coma, that was the horn that buzzed in South Africa throughout this…

2010 Whitney Biennial list

Article: 2010 Whitney Biennial list

To announce the artists selected for the upcoming Whitney Biennial, curators Francesco Bonami and Gary Carrion-Murayari read the 55 names in this video produced by Pierce Jackson. Running from February 25 – May 30, the biennial, called simply “2010,” will feature work by artists that “reflect diverse responses to the anxiety and optimism of the…