The best of "best of" movie lists for 2009

Article: The best of "best of" movie lists for 2009

Some people vow to lose weight and start exercising in the New Year. I resolve to whip my Netflix queue in shape, trimming out last year’s worthy crap and replacing it with this year’s best offerings, which I have 12 months to get through before they turn into last year’s worthy crap. Aiding me in this task are the nation’s critics, who dutifully spend all year watching movies and the last few weeks in December compiling “best of” lists. Many of these lists tend to look more or less the same, but some offer the occasional surprise. These critical taste quirks are the spice of list reading.

So here, in the spirit of 10 best lists, are the 10 best “10 best movie” lists of 2009. I must warn you that, as a parent of two small children who only rarely leaves the house to sit in the dark with cinematically minded strangers, I have seen very few of the movies on these lists. (Thus the great importance of proper Netflix queue maintenance.) Then again, given how many kid-friendly movies made it onto the lists this year, that excuse may be a bit flimsy. Too bad. It’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. On to the list of lists!

Smoking Guns' top mugshots of 2009

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The Smoking Gun curates their top mugshots of 2009. I look at some of these photos and question whether we all belong to the same species. You may not want to believe, but I’m thinking the aliens have already landed and are doing a rather bad job of fitting into our society as law-abiding citizens.

342 movies of 2009 in 7 minutes

Article: 342 movies of 2009 in 7 minutes

If you were too busy or too broke (17 dollars per movie ticket can really add up!) this year to go to the movie theater, then watch this fantastic mashup video of 342 movies from 2009 crammed into 7 minutes to get caught up. The transitions between the various films were rather well done. If…

Best protest signs of 2009

Article: Best protest signs of 2009

BuzzFeed compiles a gallery of the best signs this year displayed at various protests. And yup, the Corduroy Pants sign that Bradford posted about made the cut.