ALL ABOUT EVIL Brings Back the Midnight Movie

Article: ALL ABOUT EVIL Brings Back the Midnight Movie

“This is a midnight movie before it’s released,” ALL ABOUT EVIL star Natasha Lyonne chuckled to me at the film’s premiere at downtown’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema, commenting on how quickly things happen nowadays.

See, once upon a time in the ‘70s, many films found themselves showing up at midnight only after the 9 PM crowds proved to be a little stymied by their in-your-face extremism. But ALL ABOUT EVIL—San Francisco auteur Josh Grannell’s blood-soaked grindhouse tribute—has come out of the gate touring the country at the stroke of 12, complete with a pre-show that references and gently mocks the movie before you even it. This movie knows its place!

Caught in the act.

Article: Caught in the act.

The 70s were some good times. Disco! Gay liberation! My birth! And the 1970s also gave us the gem of a movie above. It’s an educational video showing a mother walking in on her son masturbating. We’ve all been there. Right? Right? It is just as awkward and weird as bell bottoms and my mother’s…