Hair is growing back on Broadway

Article: Hair is growing back on Broadway

The classic anti-war hippie musical of the 1960s, Hair, won’t stop growing! After a Central Park revival scored three years ago, it moved to Broadway and won a Tony award, and now it’s back there again in the same production, but with some new cast members and fresh energy.

I just called the show’s legendary cowriter, James Rado, to untangle exactly what’s going on here and throw some conditioner on it.

Me: Hi, James. Is the show’s anti-war message still relevant?

Rado: Very intensely. People want to think about other things in our mutli-faceted culture that offers so many distractions, but this thing of war still hangs over us. It plays to that part of our consciousness.

Betsey Johnson gets some respect

Article: Betsey Johnson gets some respect

Betsey Johnson is a fashion designer who’s never quite gotten the credit she deserves. Designing clothes and turning a profit since the 60s, she’s always been a bit too extreme to have become a household name like more mainstream American designers such as Donna Karan and Calvin Klein. As her dreadlocked hair and cartwheels down…

Tribute to a leading man

Article: Tribute to a leading man

Not long after Archibald Leach’s mother was placed in a mental institution by his father and told only that she had gone away on a long holiday, young Archie ran away and joined the circus at age sixteen. Fourteen years later, at age 28, he changed his name to Cary Grant and landed his first…