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“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 4 (Donald the Normal)

Article: “RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 4 (Donald the Normal)

Daniel takes a bus to Atlanta and wanders through the streets, marveling at the hustle and bustle.

At home, Teddy lounges on the couch in a disheveled state. Tawney asks why he’s unhappy, even after she signed the loan papers. He explodes, saying he’s still upset that she had feelings for Daniel. She leaves angrily. He guzzles a beer.

Amantha starts to pack for a move back to Atlanta. Janet calls to invite her to the movies and asks Amantha to stay in Paulie.

“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 3 (Charlie Darwin)

Article: “RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 3 (Charlie Darwin)

Daniel sees a tree branch fall in his neighbor’s driveway. He walks outside and stares intently at the limb.

Amantha frets over Daniel, who is still weak from the attack. Daniel sends her on a mission to fetch fritters from the local bakery.

Janet tells Ted Sr. that she wants to renovate the kitchen with Daniel. She bristles when he says they don’t have enough money.

At the bakery, the cashier tells Amantha she’s glad that Bobby was arrested. Amantha’s jaw drops at the news.

“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 2 (Sleeping Giants)

Article: “RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 2 (Sleeping Giants)

In a death row flashback, Daniel receives a brochure of DOC mental illness guidelines. He angrily recites “proper prisoner behavior” as he hurls and shreds his books.

In Daniel’s hospital room, Janet remarks how friendly the hospital staff is. Amantha reminds her they’re not in Paulie, where everyone wants Daniel dead.

At the Talbot residence, Teddy proposes a plan to increase the tire shop’s declining revenue by renting out tire rims. Ted Sr. balks at the upfront investment costs. Teddy then brings up the elephant in the room: What will they do if Daniel becomes a vegetable?

“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 1 (Running with the Bull)

Article: “RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 1 (Running with the Bull)

Daniel is visited by the ghost of Kerwin, who tells Daniel to wake up.

At an Atlanta hospital, Amantha and Janet panic as Daniel struggles to emerge from an induced coma. Nurses rush in to put him back into the coma.

While at the scene of Daniel’s attack, Lid tells Carl that a witness saw a blue truck leave the cemetery. Carl insists on finding the attackers despite Lid’s warning that it will hurt his reelection chances.