Tenisha + Jared

Memphis native Tenisha has been writing since the age of six and hasn’t stopped. She continues to pursue her dream of being an author, having launched an urban book series The Diamond Life, based on the misguided youths she encountered as a child in Memphis, and later her personal experiences as a college student who associated with celebrities and pro athletes. Jared, on the other hand, grew up Mormon on a 500-acre farm in East Tennessee. It was during a college study-abroad program in Vietnam when Jared began to blossom as a confident gay man rather than the closeted Mormon he had been most of his life. When he came out to his father at age 22, his father called him “sick” and vowed to help him “get better.” Jared moved to Nashville, hasn’t looked back, and has since has found success, first as an agent in the music business, and is now pursuing a career in acting. He is currently filming SCENES FROM A GAY MARRIAGE with director Matthew Riddlehoover. Years ago, while Tenisha was working as a waitress in Nashville, a co-worker introduced her to Jared, and despite the stark differences in their upbringing, Tenisha and Jared felt an immediate connection and have been best friends ever since. Tenisha says that having Jared in her life is just like having a boyfriend, and that if he weren’t gay, she’d marry him.