Sherrie Shane

Both singer-songwriters, Shane and Sherrie met while Sherrie was doing a Broadway show. Australian-born Sherrie is a former actress who appeared on series such as The Facts of Life and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She has enjoyed a successful songwriting career, having penned hits for the likes of Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton and George Strait, and was even previously signed herself as an artist to Arista Records, enjoying a top-15 hit in 2003 with “Streets of Heaven.” She is hoping to stage a solo-career comeback when she releases her own album Circus Girl, independently this November. Shane recently celebrated his first number one hit as the co-writer of Lady Antebellum’s smash-hit “American Honey,” and has also been on records for household names such as Kellie Pickler, Jordin Sparks and Sara Evans. Like Sherrie, Shane also has his sights set on launching a solo pop project, with an album releasing on November 11. Shane is a self proclaimed “Jesus Freak in a red state” who spends at least two hours each morning praying and has been in a relationship with his partner Matt for six years. Although they’re colleagues, Shane and Sherrie consider themselves extreme opposites who attract, but that helps to fuel their creative processes. Through their professional and personal struggles, Sherrie and Shane are always there for one another with unconditional love and support.

What Do You Need on a Sunday Morning — A Bloody Mary or a Ride to Church?

Article: What Do You Need on a Sunday Morning — A Bloody Mary or a Ride to Church?

Our Girls Seeking Boys Seeking Boys dating site is a hit. Up next we’ve got Sherrié and Shane to contend with. These two are a perfect example of why meeting your best friend through an internet profile is probably the way to go. You need a best friend who knows what you’ll need after a Saturday night out, whether it’s a Bloody Mary or a ride to church. So, read on for Sherrié and Shane’s profiles…of each other.