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Your SUNfiltered summer mixtape

Article: Your SUNfiltered summer mixtape

With summer off and running and temperatures through the roof, it’s time we round out all the blockbuster activity and over-hyped, industry-funded forms of entertainment with what the season is really built for: semi-inappropriate decisions made with old and “new” friends during long weekends on the shore — all set to hip music. It’s as close to a consequence-free environment as any post-college adult trying to make art out of their life can get. So re-up your catalog with these music suggestions that will keep your days and nights hotter than the weather.

Keeping up with KimKierkegaardashian

Article: Keeping up with KimKierkegaardashian

What do you get when you cross one of the greatest philosophers of the nineteenth century, the father of existentialism, with one of the greatest reality television stars, who has dated anyone-who-is-anyone in hip-hop, R&B and professional sports and who occasionally makes a sex tape or totally dumped Paris Hilton? You get a Twitter account, naturally. We’d like to introduce you to KimKierkegaardashian, the lovechild of Soren Kierkegaard and Kim K. And, to put it mildly, she is dropping knowledge.

Chanel, Dior, Givenchy: Luxe and excess in Fall 2012 haute couture

Article: Chanel, Dior, Givenchy: Luxe and excess in Fall 2012 haute couture

Paris was once again the center of attention at the start of July for the presentation of the Fall 2012 couture shows. To even use the name in France, a designer must be vetted thoroughly by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris, which is how the elegant pocket industry has managed to stay relevant (albeit sometimes teetering on the brink of extinction in this commercially driven world.) And this season’s collections produced a steady offering of meticulous — and excessive by nature — pieces sure to be circulating throughout Europe, Asia and the tonier cities of South America.

What Frank Ocean coming out means for urban artists

Article: What Frank Ocean coming out means for urban artists

When up-and-coming R&B star Frank Ocean released an open letter to his first love via his Tumblr, some people wondered whether this was a joke Ă  la Lil’ B. For decades we have wondered what the world would look like the day an urban music artist came out of the closet. And with last week’s revelation, the picture seemed pretty uninspired: Currently America is broke, stuck in a couple of wars, our politicians couldn’t be more polarized, and Tom Cruise is going through his third divorce.

Louis Vuitton takes on Yayoi Kusama's surreal polka dots

Article: Louis Vuitton takes on Yayoi Kusama's surreal polka dots

Louis Vuitton is set to unveil its latest artist collaboration next week and sure enough Marc Jacobs has managed to marry good taste with high art. For this latest turn, Yayoi Kusama’s surreal use of polka dots will be featured as a capsule collection scheduled to launch in two phases between July 10 and October. The first launch will be an array of limited-edition clothing and accessories such as pajamas, a trench coat, separates and jewelry that will coincide with a retrospective of Kusama’s work at the Whitney Museum of American Art opening July 12, as well as the exhibition already on view at London’s Tate Modern.

Anderson sure got a lot of use out of that glass closet!

Article: Anderson sure got a lot of use out of that glass closet!

Sorry, Middle America, if Anderson Cooper’s email addressing his homosexuality on the Tom Cruise aside, when we think of celebrity gay men and women that choose to keep their private lives under wraps, it’s a tough call to make as to whether or not their silence is really a matter of protection or a craven fear of being thrown into the gay ghetto. For many the gloset has been a terrific utility, working for people as diverse as Queen Latifah to Kevin Spacey. But for the jaded, and to be blunt, brave people living proudly, and by default politically, as Gay Americans it’s hard not to pass judgment on some people’s decision to be silent.

Hedi Slimane renames — and remakes — YSL into SLP

Article: Hedi Slimane renames — and remakes — YSL into SLP

To say that Hedi Slimane has been in love with Paris—rather, his idea of Paris and all it represents—is somewhat elementary. Some of us remember Visionaire 34. To say that Hedi is a control freak is… rhetorical. So when word got around that the new creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, which turned 50 this year, would officially change the name of the famed house to SLP, or Saint Laurent Paris, gossip and controversy ensued. For Slimane, this too is nothing new.

For more than a decade now he has been fashion’s rogue waif, championing androgyny, tobacco and a black-and-white palette to the applause and adoration of editors and the international set. He has a specific idea of how he would like to see Saint Laurent Paris shaped but has so far not shared this with the public. The press is not invited to his debut resort or menswear collections. They’re to be shown to buyers only.

Best places to be gay around the world (photos)

Article: Best places to be gay around the world (photos)

The Gay Rights movement has seen many successes and setbacks over the past twelve months. Sometimes events played out like a romcom, other times like a post-apocalyptic battle for the survival of the entire community. Good or bad, gay pride events around the world were rejuvenated with a political kick that upped the ante for parade goers. Stateside, same-sex wedded couples marched side by side with our nation’s openly gay servicemen and women now that DADT is repealed. Read on to see how Pride went down across the globe:

New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

Article: New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

The Bois and Gurls over at Heritage of Pride felt it appropriate to use the theme “Spread the Love” for New York City’s 43rd annual Gay Pride parade. It was the first parade for New Yorkers since same-sex marriage became legal, which charged the air like it was the summer of love. For the singles in the crowd, it was nothing short of a miracle the way organizers and participants made monogamy look sexy. Check out our full report and more pretty pictures than you can shake a stick at:

Spray-on tans can also kill you, so just get over being pale

Article: Spray-on tans can also kill you, so just get over being pale

As fickle as our culture is, we seem to draw the line at physical well being. That being said, the socially acceptable paradigm has shifted again. Tan colored skin is out. It’s as current as Tara Reid at Cannes, which means it makes no sense, and has no place in the modern world.

Top five places to maybe/maybe not catch Gay Pride

Article: Top five places to maybe/maybe not catch Gay Pride

One of the biggest drags (pun intended) a Gay American experiences at their local pride parade is location. Where can one best experience the event? The sidewalks of New York City, San Francisco, and Miami are jam-packed with funky queers in heels, and biker babes in their best Springsteen t-shirts. Trying to find a choice spot to celebrate what civil liberties you’ve fought for is a real “First World problem.” But, as daunting as it is in some of the bigger cities in the country, it’s a far cry from some of the smaller communities here and around the planet. Still if you’re feeling all sorts of radical and into reviving the Gay Liberation Front, consider some of these locations to fight for your pride, or to just avoid till other brave souls have pioneered a safe path for you.

Top 10 who's who in gay America

Article: Top 10 who's who in gay America

Gay culture has been having its time under the klieg lights in Washington, and all around the country, with plenty of accomplishments to be proud of. From homosexuals being allowed to serve openly in the military, to the advancement of marriage rights in some states (losses in others), to President Obama sharing his new and improved, we mean evolved, view on the matter.

Top 10 actors to go gay for

Article: Top 10 actors to go gay for

In honor of Gay Pride month, we’re bringing you some of the sexiest actors at work that, if anything, will make you look at your respective genders in a new light. Here are the top ten actors from our selection of films in June we’re betting you’ll be willing to walk on the wild side with it.

Plaid's leading role in YOUR SISTER'S SISTER

Article: Plaid's leading role in YOUR SISTER'S SISTER

In case you were wondering what one wears (let alone what three people wear) in the midst of a bizarre love triangle, the answer is plaid. At least that’s what self-taught director Lynn Shelton has in mind for her latest film offering, YOUR SISTER’S SITER, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and opens today.

Gay rights pioneers you should just know

Article: Gay rights pioneers you should just know

After WWII, America was a hot pot of artistic activity that drew a lot of attention because of its homosexual influences. From Samuel Barber at the Met, to Gore Vidal’s The Best Man on Broadway, homosexuals were everywhere. We’re not even going to touch Hollywood back then. But without the political organizing of average citizens, social progression wouldn’t have been as successful. By now we’re all pretty familiar with the wild styles and radical politics of Harry Hay and his seminal group, the Mattachine Society. But check out a few other great and eccentric personalities that advanced civil rights for LGBTQ people in this country. Life wasn’t always one big happy musical.

Emile Hirsch, Gary Oldman & Jamie Bell: The gentlemen wear Prada

Article: Emile Hirsch, Gary Oldman & Jamie Bell: The gentlemen wear Prada

Miuccia Prada can be as self-effacing as she’d like, eschewing the title of artist in the debate as to whether or not fashion designers should be consider as such, but she cannot deny her natural instinct for drawing attention. She was a mime in her youth. Her runway shows have always been blockbusters with plenty of star power in the front row, but it seems La Signora Prada is blurring the lines between art and fashion once again in her latest Men’s campaign for her Fall line, enlisting Gary Oldman, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell and Willem Dafoe as mannequins for her designs. Like everything else she does, we can’t help but chat about it.

That's my boy! Anderson takes on America's latest child star/homophobe

Article: That's my boy! Anderson takes on America's latest child star/homophobe

What would we do without CNN’s favorite Gay-Straight (gay?) alliance member—no, not Don Lemon—Anderson Cooper? AC360 had a segment about some pretty classy parents and their church encouraging their theatrically inclined child to sing a homespun song that wished homosexuals to hell. You’ve probably seen the video by now, a child singing in a manner that can only be described as Shirley Temple-esque, about Romans 1 and 27, and using the word homo. The congregation of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Indiana cheered the future X Factor contestant on, and demanded a repeat performance. You can hear what presumably is the father’s voice yelling, “That’s my boy.” It’s just a class act all around on a Sunday morning in Indiana.

Same-sex couples selling things to America: From Ikea to JCPenney

Article: Same-sex couples selling things to America: From Ikea to JCPenney

The real problem with One Million Moms is not that there are one million of them. There aren’t. It’s that they make passing the thirty-year threshold in life look like the end of… life. Their latest hate boycott is against JCPenney, first for picking up Ellen Degeneres (hi Ellen, who hates you?) and now for their decision to cater to America’s most notorious disposable income bracket this Father’s Day, gay men—or rather, gay fathers. Penney’s ad depicting two nerdish men raising children is so sweet you’d have to be smoking bath salts to find a problem with it. We’re not here to draw conjecture (save that for OMM), though we do love when marketers get hip to contemporary life. So here are some other notable campaigns that cater to gay consumers, the children that love them, and the granny panties that inadvertently get bunched. We assume One Million Moms wear granny panties. And that’s an OK statement ’cause it’s more empirical than conjecture.

Who Cannes? Gaultier Cannes.

Article: Who Cannes? Gaultier Cannes.

John Paul Gaultier’s name has been associated with the Cannes Film Festival for over thirty years. Women, and of course certain men, have served as glorified mannequins donning his fantastic take on French chic as they grace red carpet premieres and after parties in his latest designs. But to some the decision to name Gaultier as a judge in this year’s jury panel caused confusion. Clearly these people are not familiar with the way artists across mediums have been collaborating throughout history (congrats AMOUR, btw).

Karl Lagerfeld's next gig: Taking on Queen Elizabeth

Article: Karl Lagerfeld's next gig: Taking on Queen Elizabeth

Karl Lagerfeld has decided that he is done entertaining the masses with his brand of elitism and Teutonic quips in printed news. It’s time he go for the jugular. And why not, what other lines are left for him to cross? So when France’s state channel asked him to return as a guest commentator covering Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee (celebrating sixty years on the throne) he gladly accepted. Please keep Sunday, June 3 open. You wont want to miss this.

Doctor apologizes for saying you can get over your gayness. Thanks.

Article: Doctor apologizes for saying you can get over your gayness. Thanks.

You simply can’t “turn” a gay person straight or “pray away the gay,” no matter what Michele Bachmann’s husband thinks. Now that we’ve established that as a fact, let’s talk about how The New York Times reported that Dr. Robert Spitzer essentially wrote an open letter to the gay community, published in a psychology journal this week, saying—of all things—my bad. Spitzer never became a household name, but he was responsible for removing homosexuality from the canon of mental illness, right next to alcoholism and catatonia, which was a huge step forward for gay rights in 1973. But, he also argued that therapy could cure unwanted gayness…which was a huge step off a short pier.

Cruise Control 2013: What they're wearing in Cannes

Article: Cruise Control 2013: What they're wearing in Cannes

How does one get to Cannes, Marseilles, or Moncaco? By yacht, of course. For the vast majority of people, this is a lofty prospect. But for the select few with the means (private jet, Maserati, large boat), the appropriate fashion is paramount. Fortunately there are visionaries in the world that still cater to the one percent of beautiful people in need of haute couture resort wear. Visionaries like Karl Lagerfeld, who seems to be getting more and more boisterous as he enters the new decade (shredding his more austere front), and Thomas Maier—who is still a fan of the quiet approach. While all eyes are on the Cannes, let’s take a peek at some of the fashions that will be all the planet’s most glamorous beaches over the next few months.

Hollywood drama hits the red carpet at Cannes

Article: Hollywood drama hits the red carpet at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival is the doyenne of all film festivals. It has kept the attention of film industry and it’s supporters for sixty-five years and has no signs of slowing down. And with an abundance of red carpets opportunities, after parties, and the usual fare of celebrities reveling in the beauty of the Riviera, it’s a perfect photo opportunity for paparazzi and stars a like. Fortunately, there are plenty of smart tuxedos and evening dresses to go around. The feel in the air so far has been a return to Hollywood drama. Full-length gowns with delicate beading, and the occasional train, have graced premieres at Cannes since the late 1950′s. For men, beards and mustaches were de rigeur, as was combing back of the hair. A sort of wet look to accent the sharp lines of their suits, and the soft curves accented in their counterparts’ dresses. Of course there was plenty of cheeky behavior to be captured. But this is a family websiteÂ……

He’s gay enough for me

Article: He’s gay enough for me

That the POTUS took a position on gay marriage, which led Andrew Sullivan to writethe thirtieth state to ban gay marriage.