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<i>The A Word</i> Recap: Episode 202 (Get Away)

The A Word Recap: Episode 202 (Get Away)

Alison (Morven Christie), Paul (Lee Ingleby) and Joe (Max Vento) start the drive to Joe’s new school. Joe insists on taking his daily music walk, so Alison and Paul drive behind him while he listens to headphones. Back on the road, Joe insists that they are taking the wrong route. Alison and Paul stop the car and show Joe photos of his new school to help with the transition.

<i>The A Word</i> Recap: Episode 201 (Naming Day)

The A Word Recap: Episode 201 (Naming Day)

Alison (Morven Christie) accompanies Joe (Max Vento) as he walks down the road, listening to music on his headphones.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 106 (The Marshes)

Liar Recap: Episode 106 (The Marshes)

Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) returns home after Laura’s (Joanne Froggatt) abduction and tells Luke (Jamie Flatters) that Detective Vanessa Harmon (Shelley Conn) is falsely accusing him of rape. He begs Luke to give him an alibi. Luke quietly agrees.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 105 (Check Mate)

Liar Recap: Episode 105 (Check Mate)

Tom (Warren Brown) gives Laura (Joanne Froggatt) a vial of GHP in his car. Laura describes her plan to break into the hospital locker room using Katy’s (Zoë Tapper) key card and plant the GHP in Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) locker. Tom offers to meet her outside the hospital and help execute the plan. Laura finds Katy’s umbrella in Tom’s car. Tom awkwardly explains that Katy left it in the car after he gave her a ride from the hospital.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 104 (Catherine)

Liar Recap: Episode 104 (Catherine)

Laura (Joanne Froggatt) calls Katy (Zoë Tapper) from the airport and tells her that Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) broke into her apartment. She vows to take Andrew down.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 103 (White Rabbit)

Liar Recap: Episode 103 (White Rabbit)

Laura (Joanne Froggatt) wakes up from a nightmare in which Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) throttles her.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 102 (I Know You’re Lying)

Liar Recap: Episode 102 (I Know You’re Lying)

Luke (Jamie Flatters) calls his father Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) at work and tells him about Laura’s (Joanne Froggatt) online post accusing Andrew of rape. Andrew insists that Laura is lying.

<i>Liar</i> Recap: Episode 101 (The Date)

Liar Recap: Episode 101 (The Date)

Laura (Joanne Froggatt) returns home after a morning kayak excursion and finds her ex-boyfriend, Tom (Warren Brown), moving the last of his items out of her apartment. They agree to stay friends.

<i>Cleverman</i> Season 2 Recap

Cleverman Season 2 Recap

Jarrod Slade brings Koen West’s corpse to his lab after recovering it from the Zone. Koen transforms into a falcon and escapes.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 206 (Borrowed Time)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 206 (Borrowed Time)

Charlotte tells Waruu that Slade was planning to remove her fetus and reveals that the baby is Hairy. Waruu agrees not to tell anyone.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 205 (Skin)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 205 (Skin)

Koen saves an Inclusion Initiative Hairy from bullies on the street.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 204 (Muya)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 204 (Muya)

Waruu nudges Koen’s lifeless body on his kitchen floor. Koen springs to life, grabs his nulla nulla and flees. The wound on his throat heals, but only partially.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 203 (Dark Clouds)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 203 (Dark Clouds)

Yani quietly leaves the Hairy hideout and gives herself up to Containment Authority officers in the city.

<i>Gomorrah</i> Season 2 Recap

Gomorrah Season 2 Recap

Genny survives Ciro’s attack and, a year later, becomes one of the top cocaine dealers in Honduras. Pietro flees to Germany.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 202 (Bindawu)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 202 (Bindawu)

Jarli rummages for junk in the city streets. He uses a mystical language to silence a barking dog.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 201 (Revival)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 201 (Revival)

McIntyre delivers Koen’s corpse to Slade in a body bag. A light emanates from the bag as Slade unzips it. A bird emerges and flies outside, where it transforms into Koen. Koen looks down at his body and sees that it’s riddled with bullet holes.

<i>Gomorrah</i> Recap: Episode 212 (The End of the Day)

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 212 (The End of the Day)

Savastano’s men gun down Lelluccio at his hideout. Pitbull informs Ciro that Lelluccio is dead. Ciro tells Pitbull to pay good money to anyone willing to join their side. Genny visits Avitabile in prison. Avitabile charges Genny with tracking down the person who ratted him out to police. Police bust up one of Pietro’s drug…

<i>Gomorrah</i> Recap: Episode 211 (Family Affairs)

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 211 (Family Affairs)

Ciro’s allies are dwindling. Meanwhile in Rome, Genny and Azzurra prepare to celebrate their love.

<i>Gomorrah</i> Recap: Episode 210 (The Soldier)

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 210 (The Soldier)

Ciro hunts down Pietro’s messenger by tracing phone cards and phones. The trail leads to Patrizia’s shop.

<i>Gomorrah</i> Recap: Episode 209 (Seven Years)

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 209 (Seven Years)

Scianel overhears Marinella talking to someone on her phone. Marinella insists she was just watching TV.

<i>Gomorrah</i> Recap: Episode 208 (Cemetery)

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 208 (Cemetery)

Patrizia tells Pietro that the Alliance is in turmoil after Prince’s death. She says Mulatto suspects Rosario of killing Prince and wants him dead.

<i>Gomorrah</i> Recap: Episode 207 (Poison)

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 207 (Poison)

Prince distributes toys to kids in his neighborhood. Rosario suspiciously observes that Prince is making a lot of money.

<i>Gomorrah</i> Recap: Episode 205/206 (Eye to Eye/Somebody Else’s Kids)

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 205/206 (Eye to Eye/Somebody Else’s Kids)

Ciro asks Don Aniello to act as guarantor for his upcoming meeting with Genny. Rosario urges Ciro to kill Pietro and Genny but Ciro maintains that it’s better to control the Savastanos rather than kill them.

<i>Gomorrah</i> Recap: Episode 203/204 (The Tears of the Virgin/Under the Skin)

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 203/204 (The Tears of the Virgin/Under the Skin)

At church, Conte gives a photo of his girlfriend, Nina, to an artist and asks the artist to paint the Holy Virgin in her likeness.