Kristin Peter

Kristin and Peter met on an online dating site before he came out of the closet. They shared one passionless kiss and both knew they were destined to be best friends. Alaskan born and upstate New York-raised Kristin is a school psychologist and has a husband who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. She’s also currently pregnant with their first child. She says that without having Peter around she would be a total basket case. Peter is a stand-up comic and the father of three children from a prior marriage to a woman. He is not planning on settling down any time soon as he believes now is the time for him to sow his wild oats and figure out what dating men is all about. Peter and Kristin consider each other “soul mates” since they tend to agree on just about everything, but Peter admits that sometimes Kristin has to step in and play the responsible “mother-figure” role when he gets out of control with drinking and sex.