Drank With That

Let’s face it. There’s a limit to the number of explosions you can fit into a movie. There’s only so many bullets in a clip, only so many cars to chase and only one Earth to annihilate. But hey, we love movies anyway. And loving movies so much, we know that the only way to make them better is to drink while you watch them. The editors of this publication have worked long and hard to develop techniques for matching the appropriate film with the appropriate cocktail. We’ve also smuggled a fair share of booze into movie theaters, and we know that can be hard, too. So, to make the movie-going experience that much better for you, please enjoy Drank With That with your next feature film. Responsibly, or not.

TRANSFORMERS 3: Robots on the Moon and in Space*

Article: TRANSFORMERS 3: Robots on the Moon and in Space*

“I’m here to transform normal ingredients into an amazing drink!”
Introducing our new SUNfiltered blogger, Drank With That, to be enjoyed responsibly – or not.

Pop Quiz. If Michael Bay got in a bar fight with John Favreau, who would win? Obviously Michael Bay.

Ok, if Brett Favre showed up and he and his buddy John tried to tag team Michael Bay, who would win? Trick question, because the answer is still Michael Bay. Also, this would never happen because fighting Michael Bay is pretty much a suicide mission – in space. Why? Because of TRANSFORMERS 3! IN SPACE!

Movie franchises know that taking it to space is a surefire way to get a hit. THE MUPPETS took it to space, STAR WARS took it to space, AIRPLANE took it to space. Shoot, if the writers had figured out how to get Hightower into a space suit, we’d probably still be watching POLICE ACADEMY movies. For those of you snoozing out there: take it to space!

That’s what TRANSFORMERS 3 did, and that’s exactly what we did, too. What do you drank with that? Introducing the Obvious Prime: