Bradford Shellhammer

Bradford Shellhammer is a New York Times featured decorator, Parsons trained fashion designer, and old school blogger. He\'s Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fab. He created the gay blog Queerty (where he won a Bloggie) and has launched retail businesses for Blu Dot and Design Within Reach, where he also cofounded and wrote their Design Notes blog. He is a contributor to Dwell and has appeared in a myriad of magazines and websites including The Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly, Cool Hunting, The Huffington Post, Paper, and ReadyMade. He\'s kept a personal blog for over a decade and lives in New York City. He owns 137 pairs of shoes and has a weakness for paisley, Paul Smith, and Scandinavian electro-pop.‪

James Bond in drag

Article: James Bond in drag

In the above video James Bond, AKA Mr. super-hottie Daniel Craig, dons pumps and a DVF wrap dress for full effect in support of International Women’s Day. Narrated by Judi Dench, the short film illustrates the still very vast disparity between what it is like to be a man and a women in Britain, and in…

Jessica 6's "White Horse"

Article: Jessica 6's "White Horse"

Every once in a while a song comes out that just makes you shake your ass. Jessica 6‘s “White Horse” is that record. It’s pop with a Latin soul; it’s electro with a world beat. Nomi Ruiz’s vocals are sultry and deep-throated and the song’s an ode to cocaine. Which is not something necessarily worth…

It Gets Fab

Article: It Gets Fab

The month of February was really remarkable over at my day job We partnered with gay youth charities GLSEN, The Trevor Project, and It Gets Better Campaign to give a dollar for every new user we signed up. We raised thousands! The video above we made at our office. The concept was to be…

The story behind George Nelson's Bubble Lamps

Article: The story behind George Nelson's Bubble Lamps

Apartment Therapy has a great post up featuring of my all-time favorite designs, George Nelson’s collections of bubble lamps. The lamps are timeless, the light quality from then attractive. And the story of how they came to be is a case study in design process.

AT had a great quote from Nelson:

Billie Ray vs. Vince Clarke

Article: Billie Ray vs. Vince Clarke

Sweet suburban disco(vince clarke remix) by billie ray martin Billie Ray Martin is releasing a new single next week, “Sweet Suburban Disco,” and this little blog had something to do with the above collaboration (click on the link to listen!). Billie’s been a friend of mine for a decade now. And Vince Clarke, the legend…

Hoer Board's DJ table

Article: Hoer Board's DJ table

Hoer Board’s DJ table is simply delicious. If Apple was a DJ equipment this is what their DJ console would look like. Missing are screws, wires, and general messiness of DJ set ups are replaced with this piece of furniture from the future. It makes me want to learn how to Dj, simply to have a reason to buy it. Which with a price tag of around $2,000 it better be a very good reason.

Just be a queen

Article: Just be a queen

The editors of Out Magazine asked me to pen an essay in defense of Lady Gaga, as many within our community are vocally criticizing her new anthem “Born This Way.” That can be read here. But I also thought I’d share it with the SUNfiltered community too. See below.

Return to Tahrir

Article: Return to Tahrir

Return to Tahrir from Oliver Wilkins on Vimeo. A few weeks back I shared with you Oliver Wilkins’ video of the Egyptian protests. Ollie reached out to me and sent me the above video, a follow-up shot also in Tahrir. This time though it had been a week since Mubarak stepped down and the scene…

Making the Series 7

Article: Making the Series 7

Arne Jacobsen‘s Series 7 chair has always been a favorite of mine. Its iconic shape is playful and fun. And it’s surprisingly comfortable. The back bends back and forth with pressure. That’s no small feat for a wooden chair. I am very aware of the chair’s strength. To prove just how well it is made,…

Vimeo of the Week: Need You Now

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Need You Now

Cut Copy – Need You Now from Cut Copy on Vimeo. Australian band Cut Copy‘s video for the song “Need You Now” is good gay fun. It’s hilarious in its use of cliched sport imagery that’s existed in commercials and sports television for years. While the band plays straight, the athletes (swimmers, runners, fencers, and…

Vimeo of the Week: Manhattan 4:33PM

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Manhattan 4:33PM

Manhattan 4.33pm from Lizzie Oxby on Vimeo. Manhattan 4.33pm, a very short film by Lizzie Oxby, is a real treat. Clocking in at 36 seconds I promise it won’t distract you too much from your day job. It will however make you smile. Taking three still images of Manhattan’s southern skyline, the filmmaker turns the…

Xavier's Valentine's Song

Article: Xavier's Valentine's Song

For the past seven years NYC-based singer Xavier has recorded a free song download for his fans. It’s a really sweet gesture and I thought it would be great to share with a bigger audience. So now you’re in on the secret. An added bonus is that this year all the past year’s songs are available for download too. That’s better than chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Get them all here.

Does this turn you on?

Article: Does this turn you on?

One of my favorite artists, the man behind Reply To This Post, will be part of a group show in Brooklyn opening tonight. The show, Casual Encounters A Journey Through the Ridiculous, the Absurd and the Extreme, explores sexually charged pen drawings. Details on the show: Applying pen to paper is one of the simplest…

Drinking Bud

Article: Drinking Bud

In news of the only-seen-in-the-movies variety, Canna Cola is set to launch THC-infused soda drinks in the US in the coming days. Sold not at 7-11 but rather at medical marijuana dispensaries across the country, and with flavors like Sour Diesel, Doc Weed, Canna Cola, Grape Ape, and Orange Kush, they’re anything but medical in…

Sexual harassment in stock photo form

Article: Sexual harassment in stock photo form

The Hairpin has a hilarious collection of sexual harassment stock imagery up on their site right now. By this here I don’t mean to make fun of sexual harassment in the workplace. What I am poking fun at is the HR teams that created these campaigns, the actors who hammed it up way too much,…

Vimeo of the Week: Tahrir Square, Cairo, Feb 1 2011

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Tahrir Square, Cairo, Feb 1 2011

Tahrir Square, Cairo, Feb 1 2011 from Oliver Wilkins on Vimeo. The world is watching Egypt. Television news and newspapers are covering the uprising daily, hourly. Yet it was the above film, shot on February 1, 2011, is the most powerful image I’ve seen of the protests. In it a series of signs, and the…

Still Faithful

Article: Still Faithful

I really have my sister Angie to blame for my homosexuality. Maybe not entirely. But I am sure she had a hand in it. Because the year was 1987 and she was a George Michael die-hard. She made me, and our entire house, dance to Michael’s album Faith. Looking back through time it’s obvious that Michael and I were nelly, nelly queens in 1987. But that was a different time. And a different place. And the world’s most famous homosexual was actually a straight sex symbol.

Skeletor Saves!

Article: Skeletor Saves!

I am really excited to be curating my first ever art show! Benefitting the Ali Forney Center in NYC, a homeless shelter for gay, lesbians, and trans youth, the show will feature the art of some well known folks from music, fashion, porn, and art. We’re calling it Skeletor Saves, as all the artwork must be inspired by He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the homoerotic toy and TV series from the 1980s.

Official info on the night is below as is the list of contributors. Mark your calendars. Get some art. And help some gay kids in NYC. That a Win-Win! Info:

Skeletor Saves is a collective charity show with work from top artists based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. All proceeds will benefit the Ali Forney Center in New York City, a shelter for homeless gay, bi and transgendered youth.

Sponsored by Slick It Up and Aaron Cobbett and curated by Brian Moylan, Bradford Shellhammer, and David Mason

April 7 2011, 7-10PM Headquarters Studios, NYC

Vimeo of the Week: The United Kingdom explained

Article: Vimeo of the Week: The United Kingdom explained

The United Kingdom Explained from C. G. P. Grey on Vimeo.

I never quite know what to say to people from the UK. I get confused. Unsure of myself. I stumble.

But after seeing THE KING’S SPEECH I have become more interested in the UK and happened upon this fantastic video explaining what exactly makes up the UK. It’s hilarious and enlightening. Though I am still very much confused.

Put A Egg On It #3

Article: Put A Egg On It #3

You Gotta See The Tasty Man! from Put A Egg On It on Vimeo. Put A Egg On It, the funny, Brooklyn-based zine about food is launching issue #3 on February 1st. The above commercial captures the oddness and quirkiness of the zine’s makers. The previous two issues have been hits, with issue #2 receiving…

Meet The Black Spark

Article: Meet The Black Spark

I don’t quite know what to make of the Black Spark. His website, and videos (which have gone missing, most likely to reappear on his new site), are creating much buzz in the gay world. He makes films. Beautifully shot, artistic films. That also include graphic sexual scenes. Anal sex. Cum shots. Some nasty stuff.…

Gaga versus Britney

Article: Gaga versus Britney

Now that Cher’s been snubbed by Oscar, Christina’s career is in a slump, and Madonna’s gone silent, it is safe to say that the world’s stereotypical gay homosexuals can be lumped into two camps: Gaga and Britney. Some queen, who obviously speaks English as a second language, is well aware of this division in our…

Vimeo of the Week: Small World Energy

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Small World Energy

Small World Energy from Niles Heckman on Vimeo.

Niles Heckman‘s Small World Energy is a wonderful little film telling the story of energy. Starting with the worst types of energy and finishing with the cleanest types of energy, his film shows what appears to be aerial views of these things. In actuality, it is a combo “of hand painting, photo collage, morphing, and texture projections.” He wrote of the film:

Being extremely passionate about clean energy and a sustainable future for the planet, I felt obligated to do my version of a public service announcement. The concept was to start dirty and end clean. Beginning by showing the most destructive forms of energy (deforestation, coal, oil, shale) in addition to some of their side effects and then transition to systems that are cleaner but still have major downsides associated (nuclear, bio fuels, hydro) and conclude with renewables (geothermal, tidal, solar, and wind) which have very minimal negative side effects and impact on our ecosystem.

An interview with Born This Way's Paul V.

Article: An interview with Born This Way's Paul V.

A submission on Born This Way
I had the chance to ask the man behind my new favorite blog, Born This Way, some questions.

Who the heck are you?
My name is Paul V. (aka DJ Paul V.), from Los Angeles. I’m a longtime club and radio DJ, music reviews writer, and general music biz “Promosexual.” You could also say I’m a bit of a Facebook activist and outspoken mouthpiece for gay rights and equality. Also, “Born This Way” is my first ever official blog.