Bradford Shellhammer

Bradford Shellhammer is a New York Times featured decorator, Parsons trained fashion designer, and old school blogger. He\'s Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fab. He created the gay blog Queerty (where he won a Bloggie) and has launched retail businesses for Blu Dot and Design Within Reach, where he also cofounded and wrote their Design Notes blog. He is a contributor to Dwell and has appeared in a myriad of magazines and websites including The Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly, Cool Hunting, The Huffington Post, Paper, and ReadyMade. He\'s kept a personal blog for over a decade and lives in New York City. He owns 137 pairs of shoes and has a weakness for paisley, Paul Smith, and Scandinavian electro-pop.‪

Matthias Heiderich's Berlin

Article: Matthias Heiderich's Berlin

I am obsessed with Matthias Heiderich’s cropped square photos of Berlin’s buildings. Using color and composition, the photographer creates patterns and abstract images that may not obviously be architecture and the city’s skylines. Having just returned from Berlin last week it’s quite remarkable just how perfectly he captures the modern feel and cool, geometric shapes of…

Brazilians and a Transsexual

Article: Brazilians and a Transsexual

AMANDA LEPORE – TURN ME OVER from Daniel Wierman on Vimeo.

Amanda Lepore is the world’s most famous transsexual. A former David LaChapelle muse, the feisty NYC legend’s been on the scene for many more decades than her plumped and plucked face suggests. She’s been the face of a Swatch and has walked runways across the globe. She also makes adorable bubble gum pop like this new record “Turn Me Over.”

Come on, Vogue

Article: Come on, Vogue

ME AT NINE, PERFORMING TO MADONNA IN SUMMER ’91! from Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo. I don’t know who Robert Jeffrey is, but God I need to! He’s uploaded this amazingly gay video on Vimeo of himself, age nine, proving Gaga’s not the only formidable challenger to Madge’s gay icon status. This made my day! Week!…

Vimeo of the Week: Pi

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Pi

Pi from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

It is Gay Pride month and what better way to get gayer on SUNfiltered than by watching hotties jumping on their bikes. This film is romantic and beautiful and just sexy enough. It shows off the beauty and form of the athletes and makes me very excited for summer! Kudos Thomas Blanchard.

Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend

Article: Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend

My obsession with Swedish singer Robyn is ever further cemented with her new video for the single “Call Your Girlfriend.” In a textured sweat top, leggings, and sneakers she makes a video fascinating only because of her spunk. It was recorded in a single take in Los Angeles at an abandoned warehouse by Max Vitali, who often collaborates with the singer. It’s emotional and fun. And you’ll keep watching, I promise.

Vimeo of the Week: Jellyfish Lake

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Jellyfish Lake

JELLYFISH LAKE from Sarosh Jacob on Vimeo.

Jellyfish Lake by Sarosh Jacob is a hypnotic film documenting Jellyfish Lake on Eli Malk island in the Republic of Palau. The jellyfish live in this lake without an real predators which has lead to them losing their stinging ability. More from the filmmaker below:

New York's changing face

Article: New York's changing face

James and Karla Murray’s New York City storefronts project is now a book. It took them 10 years to complete the project and in that time 1/3 of all the shops photographed have shuttered. It’s a visual documentation of the loss of Mom and Pop stores across NYC. From the couple: STORE FRONT is a…

Origins of I Heart New York

Article: Origins of I Heart New York

I sat down with Milton Glaser last week. Not only am I working with Milton at my day job, I also recorded our conversation for Dwell too. Meeting legends typically don’t phase me. I’ve met them all from design icons to rock gods. But Milton is the quintessential New Yorker. It was quite a joyous event for me. The below statement about “I Love New York/I Heart New York” was particularly fascinating for me as he not only explained it’s design inspiration, something I’d never heard, but also explained how ubiquitous the statement had become. It’s a fun read:

I am sure you have answered this about a million times, but I have to ask about “I Love New York” or “I Heart New York.” I don’t even know what to call it! Love or heart?
What you may not realize that is that the heart, a symbol used as a verb, has now entered into the Oxford English Dictionary. This happened a couple of weeks ago. So heart is now a verb. It entered with an acknowledgement that “I Love New York” was the manifestation that did it, the first symbol ever to enter the Oxford Dictionary. You can call it either one as both are correct.

Vimeo of the Week: LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector

Article: Vimeo of the Week: LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector

Lego Technic Super-8 Movie Projector from Friedemann Wachsmuth on Vimeo. Friedemann Wachsmuth’s amazing little film Lego Technic Super-8 Movie Projector is pretty freaking awesome. The filmmaker/designer built a fully functional Super-8 projector using nothing but LEGOs! Ok, wait, I take that back. He did use a lens, reel spindles and a lamp not made of…

Q&A With Sebastian Junger

Article: Q&A With Sebastian Junger

DreamStates: Sebastian Junger Animation by Cole Gerst

Sebastian Junger is busy on a book tour promoting his book WAR, now in paperback. The author and filmmaker took time from his busy schedule to chat with me about his Dreamstates episode, seen above.

How were you first approached to take part in DreamStates?

I was told about it by National Geographic. I thought it was a cool idea.

Did you collaborate at all with the illustrator? If so, in what ways?

No I did not. And I think he did a fantastic job! I absolutely loved what he created. It was such a cool experience watching my own dream portrayed visually. It was very cool.

Was there anything that he got 100% right, spot on?

Well I think the characterization of the expanding cartoon monsters was perfect. He really nailed it. It was really spot on.

You said this dream marked a time where you grew up. Have you had other dreams, like or unlike this one, that have repeated or have impacted you?

I mean every once in a while we all have dreams that are devastating. Nothing ever like that though. Nothing with a complete sense of doom and helplessness. It was really a classic midlife issue.

How old were you?

I was 46.

3 Way (The Golden Rule)

Article: 3 Way (The Golden Rule)

SNL got really gay this past Saturday night. Yes, Justin Timberlake hosted. Yes, Lady Gaga performed. But nothing could have prepared me for the return of the Dick In A Box singers, Timberlake and Andy Samberg. After brief cameos by Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon, the pair focus on Lady Gaga. Hilarity ensues when the…

Morrissey versus the Queen

Article: Morrissey versus the Queen

The very existence of the Queen and her now enormous family – all supported by the British taxpayer whether the British taxpayer likes it or not – is entirely against any notion of democracy, and is against freedom of speech. For a broad historical view of what the Queen is and how she “rules”, examine Gaddafi or Mubarak, and see if you can spot any difference.

Vimeo of the Week: Under the Lucan Sun

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Under the Lucan Sun

Under the Lucan Sun from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo. Under the Lucan Sun is a film by Leonardo Dallessandri that captures visual snapshots of the architecture, people and nature of a small Italian town. It’s both creepy and beautiful. In a few short minutes mood is established and you’re longing to know more about the…

Meeting Milton Glaser

Article: Meeting Milton Glaser

Forgive me while I geek out for a minute. But the other day I met the legend Milton Glaser! Milton Glaser is a design legend. That cannot be overstated. The man created the “I Heart New York” logo, arguably the most copied design in the world. I spent the afternoon with Milton. We talked about…

Gawker vs. Gaga

Article: Gawker vs. Gaga

Gawker’s Brian Moylan rips Lady Gaga’s new column for V Magazine to shreds. In a post entitled “Lady Gaga’s First Magazine Column Is as Annoying as You Expected” Moylan lets us in on the fact that Gaga spells Marc Bolan’s name wrong and laughs at her lecture on art and fashion. Moylan’s not buying it:…

Vimeo of the Week: Collision

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Collision

Collision (by Max Hattler) from Max Hattler on Vimeo. Max Hattler‘s film COLLISION was created in 2006 and it shows “Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection.” In 2008 The Gaurdian wrote, “to note the five long years that the Iraq campaign has chalked up this…

Toby Wong retrospective

Article: Toby Wong retrospective

Portrait made from dice by Frederick McSwain
Toby Wong was a Canadian designer I once interviewed for FULL FRONTAL FASHION. He was a product designer and a subversive artist. His designs weren’t for everyone. He made gold coke spoons cast from McDonald’s coffee stirrers and diamond rings, inverted, so the diamond point was on the outside. That design was called “Killer Ring” obviously. This New York Times slideshow is a great reference of his work.

It is Design Week in NYC this week and a retrospective called Brokenoff Brokenoff, in Toby’s honor, will run May 14-17. It’s a celebration of Toby’s work including many close friends’ contributions.

Only in New York

Article: Only in New York

Only in New York do people live in apartments covered in tape, covered in yarn, and covered in crazy wallpapers. Eclectic people flock to this city and New York Magazine‘s new issue features some extreme decor proves that. Included are six apartments of various size and extremity. Featured are Agata Oleksiak (now known solely as…

Vimeo of the Week: N.Y. Adorned "Tradition"

Article: Vimeo of the Week: N.Y. Adorned "Tradition"

N.Y. Adorned “Tradition” from Evan Owen Dennis on Vimeo. Evan Owen Davis‘ film N.Y. Adorned “Tradition” is a short black and white portrait of tattoo artistry and New York City. The tattoo studios, not unlike the art studios of New York, are filled with people from all over the world. Images of New York City…

A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 2

Article: A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 2

To celebrate the launch of DreamStates, last week I got on a call with Will Forte while he drove to Mt. Rushmore. We discussed puffins, SNL, and of course, his dreams. Part One was yesterday. Part Two is below.

You’re not on SNL anymore?

I left SNL in the summer and moved back to Los Angeles.

But you were just on this past weekend with Elton John?

Just for that sketch. That was so exciting to have Tom Hanks play my brother. He is so fun to be around.

Are you working on new movies?

I just got done with a movie Tim and Eric. It is called Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. I was in Palm Springs wearing a moustache. I love wearing a mustache.

A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 1

Article: A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 1

To celebrate the launch of DreamStates, last week I got on a call with Will Forte while he drove to Mt. Rushmore. We discussed puffins, SNL, and of course, his dreams. Part One is today. Part Two will post tomorrow.

Hi Will.

Hi! I apologize in advance as I am 7 miles from Mt. Rushmore. I’d pull off but I think the park is closing soon! So this is the best time to interview me. I am so energized about getting to Mt. Rushmore. It’s taken me 40 years to get to this part of the country so I just had to get to see Mt. Rushmore.

I was just in Iceland last week and your DreamStates episode is all about puffins. So it’s appropriate we’re talking. I assume Iceland is where you came in contact with puffins?

Yes. Yes that is where. I went to a festival there and it was a weekend long event that was amazing. During this festival whole families stay up the entire night and there were puffins all over the island I was on. So we saw these puffins everywhere and then at night all around the tents people would be snacking on puffins! And I was a little sad as they seem like these cute birds. But then I heard they had a nasty side.

So you didn’t come in contact with their nasty side? It was all second hand information?

Yes, it was all second hand.

Have you seen the YouTube video of Gordon Ramsey catching puffins and snapping their necks?

No, puffins!?

Yes, if you Google “eating puffins” you’ll find this video of Ramsey catching puffins in nets and then snapping their necks!

No wonder they have this bad attitude. They’ve gotta have this attitude to survive.

Robyn Documentary

Article: Robyn Documentary

Robyn, the prolific and innovative Swedish pop singer, is the subject of a new hour-long documentary. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the life and professional evolution of a child star to an iconic force. It is in four parts – click through to the next part after each part ends.

Vimeo of the Week: Symmetry

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Symmetry

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo. Symmetry, a film created by Everynone, comes in at under 3 minutes long. This is a remarkable thing to note as the film has such an powerful emotional punch. The film’s split screens shows the dualities of life. A muscled torso sits side-by-side with weights, cookies with milk. Cops and…

Conversations with Icelandic designers

Article: Conversations with Icelandic designers

While in Iceland a few weeks back I was charmed by the fashions. They were quirky and a little offbeat. I tracked down two of my favorite designers there and asked them a few questions. Read below for more:
Sigríður Ásta Árnadóttir

Describe your design philosphy in three words?

Recycle, redye, reuse

Who wears your creations?

I guess you must have a sense of humor … but also a nostalgic inclination.