5 Reasons Skyler White Deserves Your Respect

Skyler White in Breaking Bad 700x384Behind every successful man building a blue meth empire, there is likely a very strong woman. So while Walter White will go down as a legend, let’s not forget Skyler White, his equally cunning wife who navigates an utterly insane situation and lives to tell the tale. Here are five reasons to give props to her.

1. She’s a Good Mom
Skyler has to care for a teenager who has Cerebral Palsy and a newborn baby while her husband is out blowing up drug dens, dousing corpses in hydrofluoric acid and taking impromptu trips to the desert for marathon cooking sessions. And when she deems the household unbearably hazardous, she figures out a way to protect her children: she descends fully-clothed into her pool and sinks to the bottom, thus prompting her concerned sister and brother-in-law to take them in.

2. She’s a Savvy Businesswoman
Skyler came up with the idea of procuring A1A Car Wash from Walt’s old boss as a method for laundering drug-dealing profits. And she masterminds a plan to get that car wash when the owner initially resists. Plus, she helms the whole financial operation and was already equipped with the bookkeeping smarts from her accounting stint at Beneke Fabricators. She even makes money on eBay!

3. She’s Resourceful
Who comes up with the brilliant scheme to explain Walt’s largesse as the rewards of a gambling addiction? Skyler. Who comes up with the card-counting strategy logic and the detailed script for Walt to follow? Who sells the whole story at a family dinner? Give this lady an Emmy! Oh, wait. You already gave one to Anna Gunn.

4. She Knows When to Quit
After Walt makes too much money to safely launder, Skyler drives him to a storage shed and unveils the enormous pile of his earnings, asking him, “How much is enough?” Her challenge convinces him to retire from cooking and return to his family. Who else but Skyler could get Heisenberg to hang up his pork pie hat?

5. She’s Loyal
Despite the whirlwind of a predicament she’s put in, Skyler never gives Walt up to the authorities. Even when her own brother-in-law (DEA agent Hank Schrader) guarantees her protection, she keeps her mouth shut. She also reveals to Walt that she didn’t file for divorce and points out how married couples can’t be compelled to testify against one another. It’s like the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde…kind of.