directed by Fabrice Gobert, starring Anne Consigny (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Frédéric Pierrot (Young & Beautiful), Céline Sallette (The Connection)

“THE RETURNED” Recap: Episode 208 (The Returned)


Before the first flood, Lucy walks into Milan‘s pub and asks for a job at the bar, just like she would with Toni years later. Milan tells Lucy he already has staff at the bar, but flirts and tells her he’ll take care of her.

In the present day, Lucy is despondent, telling Alcide that the returned have abandoned her, she was supposed to lead them and she’s failed them. Adèle and Simon‘s stolen baby cries and Lucy ignores him.

The military sets up roadblocks and patrols the whole valley searching for Adèle’s baby.

Privately, Camille shows Jérôme lacerations forming on her neck and explains that it’s happening because she’s not with other returned, meaning she has to leave the family and rejoin them. Camille begs her father to help Claire and Léna understand.

Berg and Etienne discover Victor/Louis drawing alone in an abandoned home. Etienne reveals that the child warned him about the flood, but insists Victor wasn’t responsible. Victor claims that he indeed can’t change events, despite his past psychic manipulations. Berg sees Victor’s current drawing, which seems to depict Julie‘s death. Berg asks Victor to let him help stop it.

Sandrine appears catatonic, chained up with Audrey and Julie at the Helping Hand. Audrey begs Julie for help.

Simon and Adèle travel to Lucy’s old home on the other side and find it empty. Adèle accuses Simon of still being in league with Lucy, but they ultimately make up and continue to search for Nathan.

The army major in charge of the town’s clean-up operation asks Father Jean-François if he knows who Simon Delaître is, revealing that he knows Simon hid out in the church. The priest confirms rumors of the dead returning and tells the major he thinks the returned just want to understand what’s happened to them.

Soldiers discover a large group of the horde outside the development and lock them up in the basement for the time being.

Julie awakes to discover Audrey feasting on a dead Sandrine’s guts. Julie bangs on the door and a guard enters and shoots Audrey dead.

Frédéric cuts the Séguret family off on their way out of town and confronts them in the middle of the road, gun drawn. Claire pulls out a gun of her own and the stand-off ends with Frédéric shooting Camille and Claire shooting Frédéric.

Adèle and Simon encounter a little girl in the woods. Adèle embraces the child until Simon gently points out that she’s not Chloé.

As Jérôme speeds toward town, the car steers deep into the woods of its own accord. Camille seems to die.

The men and women at the Helping Hand confront Pierre over Sandrine. When he refuses to take responsibility for her death, his followers leave.

The army major orders the captured horde members released, as well as the searches suspended and the roadblocks taken down.

Lucy is delighted to find a huge group of the horde back outside her home, speculating they must sense the baby.

Virgil leads a large group of returned to meet the Ségurets in the woods over Camille’s body. Claire begs Virgil to do something. As Virgil cradles her head and Léna seems to will her sister back to life, Camille reawakens.

Berg, Etienne and Victor confront Pierre. Pierre recognizes his one-time accomplice and asks Etienne if he and Milan are back for revenge. Etienne denies the notion. Victor frees Julie. Outside, the horde is waiting. Berg begs Etienne not to join them, and Etienne admits that he knows who Berg is, but tells his son he should forget him.

Pierre finds Milan at the pub. Milan is surprised to find that his former follower never finished himself off 35 years ago. Pierre tells Milan he should have listened to him, since those who died were “saved.” Milan disagrees, arguing that he himself is lost and alone. Pierre promises to finally join Milan in death and shoots himself in the head.

Camille bids a tearful goodbye to her family after convincing them she must go. They watch her disappear into the woods with the horde.

Adèle and Simon investigate the mysterious cave the returned seem to have emerged from. Adèle gets separated and is startled by a corpselike returned man, who merely relights her lighter for her and shows her the path ahead.

In a flashback, Mr. Lewanski visits his family’s grave. When he returns home, he finds “Louis,” who tells his adoptive father he is in fact dead, and never to tell anyone he’s returned. Victor/Louis lives with Lewanski as father and son for decades, until Lewanski has a heart attack and falls, severely injuring his head. Victor/Louis seems to try to will Lewanski back to life, and as he does, Camille, Simon and others return for the first time.

In the present, Julie and Victor travel to meet with Lucy. Lucy insists that Victor join her, and warns against bringing Julie for her own sake. Julie doesn’t mind risking death, but Victor begs her to stay and promises there’s another child in her future. Lucy and Victor walk off.

Serge doesn’t join the others, examining increasingly severe lacerations making their way down his wrists.

Among the gathered returned, Madame Costa finally reunites with her husband.

Adèle and Simon emerge from the cave, somehow dressed in their wedding clothes, and frolic in the daylight, looking in love and at peace.

Lucy leads the returned to the edge of the sinkhole and prompts Victor to take the lead. When Victor spots Adèle’s baby, however, he warns Lucy that the child can’t come with them, because he is “like [Victor].” Julie joins the group and tells Victor she’s sorry — she can’t live without him. Just then, Etienne tells Victor he can “change things” he sees in the future. Julie throws herself into the hole. Victor has another of his recurring visions: Julie lovingly toweling off a child by the seashore. This time, the child’s face is revealed as his own. When he awakes, he finds Julie unhurt at the bottom of the pit, the horde having vanished. Julie and Victor embrace.

Some time later, Victor, Julie and Ophélie (the hospital nurse) spend a day at the beach, relaxing and playing like a normal family.

Elsewhere, Lucy abandons the baby on a living couple’s doorstep.

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