10 Haikus About “Heathers”


If you graduated from high school years ago, you might have forgotten what it was like. So before watching one of our favorite high school movies, Heathers, join us in this age-old English class assignment: writing Haikus. Here are no less than 10 poems celebrating Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and the “best” years of our lives.

Heathers Haiku #1
Winona Ryder
Pretty good at ze Black Swan
Pretty good in this

Heathers Haiku #2
High school always sucks
But you can’t just blow it up
Christian Slater tries!

Heathers Haiku #3
Heather drinks cleaner:
A murder that was due to
Her bad sense of smell

Heathers Haiku #4
You’d think there would be
More cops in a town that has
All these dead drunk kids

Heathers Haiku #5
Heathers played croquet
That game is not very fun
Different strokes, I guess

Heathers Haiku #6
Shannen Doherty
A bit fatter in Heathers
Than Beverly Hills

Heathers Haiku #7
Kurt and Ram were jocks
Then are killed by some gunshots
Guns – One; Sports – Zero

Heathers Haiku #8
Veronica S:
Your time in college will be
Less traumatizing

Heathers Haiku #9
The girls in Heathers
Prove chicks who wear shoulder pads
Are the worst people

Heathers Haiku #10
Some bad boys are hot
Some will attempt to kill you
Hint: look for trenchcoats

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