8 Things We Learned From “My So-Called Life”

my-so-called-life-claire-danesWhere better to pick up a few life lessons than a teenage melodrama? Angela, Jordan, Rayanne, Brian and Ricky’s heartaches (and triumphs) taught us a lot over the course of the too-short series. These are just a few of our favorites.

1. Bad hair days happen to everyone.
Every girl dyes her hair an unflattering crimson and thinks it looks good.

2. Claire Danes is the luckiest girl on earth.
Not only is she pretty or whatever, but she also got to make out with the likes of Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Luke Wilson and Hugh Dancy. This is a day job I wouldn’t complain about.

3. High school sucks.
You can never learn this lesson too many times. If you get nostalgic for a time where you needed to drag your butt out of bed at 6:30 to read Lord of the Flies for the 30th time, remember the terrifying feeling of having braces and demon hormones.

4. Underage drinking is bad.
Not bad because it’s illegal. Under-aged drinking is bad because teenagers are already annoying enough without booze. They already cry enough, and they already want to have intercourse with each other all willy nilly.
They don’t need it. Don’t do it because it’s dangerous.

5. Jared Leto will always be hot.
Jared Leto will always be the stuff of our teen dreams.

6. Not much changes when you graduate from high school.
Although this show is old and the kids are young, in the long run these two things don’t really matter because we still have the same problems. Bad taste in men. Friends who make you go out and drink on weeknights. Trying to explain to your parents your life choices.

7. Plaid will always be cool.
You can’t take baggy plaid shirts, combat boots and Nirvana away from us.

8. Parents are only reasonable on TV.
All TV parents want the best for their daughters, and will discuss this in-depth while sitting in bed. They will always read the newspaper in bed. They try to maintain a healthy marriage even though raising teenagers is probably the worst thing in the entire world, except for maybe raising the child of Satan. Either way, TV parents are just a very calm, kind and logical brand of people.

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