7 Things We’re Still Pondering, Because of That Freaky Remake of “The Fly”

Jeff Goldblum in The Fly

What if gene splicing and genetic manipulation were allowed to be explored in this country, bar none? David Cronenberg’s now-classic remake of The Fly paves way for some big questions regarding the human intervention with nature. However you side in the great genetic manipulation debate, here are seven things The Fly has made us ponder over the decades since its release.

1. Cannibalism
Genetically manipulated citizens would most likely ruin the protein craze of eating insects. Most likely because of cannibalism advocacy.

2. Corruption
If you think Washington, D.C. is ruthless, callous, amoral and borderline sociopathic, what do you think it would be like with insect politicians that have no conscience? Oh. Right. The same.

3. Spewing acid
It’s bad enough when politicians spew venom and lies at us, but imagine the effect acidic vomit would have on Capital Hill. All those binders filled with information, just melting away.

4. The Pharmaceutical Industry
According to Cronenberg, humans with fly genes mixed into their DNA have huge sexual appetites… which would severely hurt the pharmaceutical industry’s profits. (Viagra-what?)

5. Steroids
Non-genetically manipulated athletes would legitimately need steroids just to keep up with half-fly athletes. Lance Armstrong would never let us hear the end of this one. Ever!

6. Rent
More genetically manipulated people means more of a desire for loft spaces as residence (hello, wing span?), which will inflate the prices of factory lofts. And we don’t want that. They’re already cost-prohibitive in most cities. This isn’t the ’90s anymore.

7. Right to Choose
The Fly portrays a world where women have the right to choose. That is, until they’re impregnated by a Brundlefly. In which case their right is immediately revoked and they’re forced to leave the hospital through a shattered wall, like an abducted hostage. Guess we know what side of the abortion debate Human-Insects would support.

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