Use the Force: Determine the Ultimate "Star Wars" Character

star wars

On the fourth of May, fans of the Star Wars universe employ a questionable pun (“May the fourth be with you!”) as an excuse to engage in a celebration of droids, darths and deep geekery of their favorite science fiction movies, books and shows.

To help celebrate this most forceful of all days, we here at SundanceTV have concocted a competition that we believe will give Star Wars fans a topic of conversation that will keep them occupied at least until the newest film installment of the series—The Force Awakens—hits theater in December: Who is the ultimate good Star Wars character? and who is the ultimate evil Star Wars character? And who would win in this ultimate battle of the dark and light sides of the Force?

To aid in the discussion, we’ve created brackets of good and evil Star Wars characters, and put them in head-to-head competition to learn which characters on each side will make the final cut. Then we’ll put the winners of each side head-to-head—and trust you to let your feelings guide you to choose the ultimate victor.

Will good triumph over evil? Will the quicker, easier, more seductive dark side of the force plunge the Star Wars universe into chaos? It’s your call! These are the brackets you are looking for!

Play our Star Wars dark side tournament.

Play our Star Wars light side tournament.